Defining Right Comments and Comment Rights

1 04 2007

Now the real beauty of blogging is that it can belong utterly to the blogger, with only so much access as a personal diary or published poetry might provide to the public. There is no obligation whatsoever to host discussions at all, or even to allow constructive comments and collaboration from friends and family who read you, never mind passively preserving the defecation of creepy strangers all over your thoughts and spirit, as if it were your civic duty.

So there is no standardized, constitutionally and/or culturally imposed “comments policy” a personal blogger need follow. No one defines it for you; decide for yourself. Think about why you’re doing this at all, and then craft your own as it suits you, and change it as you see fit, TO fit. (kinda like the ideal education)

Snook and Snook Too are related yet different, with two different comment policies:

Cocking a Snook

Your comment may or may not be welcome. There are things we celebrate and reward, things we mock and things we won’t even entertain. Things we don’t know how to do yet, too. Life is full of experimental learning. What will happen? Let’s find out . . .

Cocking a Snook Too

I, PenguinDust, reserve the right to blatantly censor any comment with which I do not agree or whose tenor I do not appreciate. This may be the United States of America; but this is my own small corner of it, so I’ll run it my way, thank you. Comment if you want, but you’ve been warned: if you write something mean-spirited, inexplicably unkind, or something that makes me afraid of the internet, that comment will — and oughta be — deleted.

What is your blog’s comment policy and why? Has it evolved over time?

Have you? 🙂