No, But It Sure SOUNDS Like I Wrote It!

3 04 2007

The Decoy Effect, or How to Win an Election
By Shankar Vedantam
Monday, April 2, 2007; A03

. . .And what should people do to avoid being manipulated by marketers and
pols? Don’t let salespeople tell you what issues to care about, and
don’t let candidates define one another.

More simply, think for yourself
and be wary if a difficult choice suddenly feels simple

If I’d actually written it, I would have been more concerned about not letting School or Church manipulate you by defining people and issues to their own advantage. 🙂

Should Increasing Knowledge Be “Left Behind”?

3 04 2007

UPDATE – in this post I spell the word as both “prophecy” and “prophesy” because according to the English knowledge powers that be, they are BOTH correct; neither is wrong. That tickles me. These authoritative sources on the destruction of earth and mankind are drop-dead sure the thing itself has only one interpretation, and that they have it right. But how to spell the word that denotes the thing, well, that’s subject to differences . . . 🙂

So I was listening to the “Left Behind” authors this morning, being seriously interviewed about Biblical prophesy by Glenn Beck (my brain was MELTING!)

Seems the last book of their end-of-days saga debuts today, about the reign of Jesus on earth after all the sinners have been burned or blown off its surface to their predestined eternal damnation. Favorite Daughter was with me, as I drove her to campus. (Her brain looked overheated, too.)

Glenn and the Preacher quoted, as strong evidence the End is Near, something from Ezekiel and/or Daniel — Googling now — about how “knowledge shall increase” and travel with great speed, and people will too, moving to and fro. This was not progress at all, but a very bad thing spelling doom (yet inevitable and all according to plan!) — or so they said, based of course on all their own years of study and knowledge, with their very prosyletizing itself able to travel instantly around the globe, by virtue of these amazing electronic technologies.

I found this about the prophesy of increased knowledge and travel speed portending the rapturous end of the beginning, or beginning of the end: Read the rest of this entry »