Should Increasing Knowledge Be “Left Behind”?

3 04 2007

UPDATE – in this post I spell the word as both “prophecy” and “prophesy” because according to the English knowledge powers that be, they are BOTH correct; neither is wrong. That tickles me. These authoritative sources on the destruction of earth and mankind are drop-dead sure the thing itself has only one interpretation, and that they have it right. But how to spell the word that denotes the thing, well, that’s subject to differences . . . 🙂

So I was listening to the “Left Behind” authors this morning, being seriously interviewed about Biblical prophesy by Glenn Beck (my brain was MELTING!)

Seems the last book of their end-of-days saga debuts today, about the reign of Jesus on earth after all the sinners have been burned or blown off its surface to their predestined eternal damnation. Favorite Daughter was with me, as I drove her to campus. (Her brain looked overheated, too.)

Glenn and the Preacher quoted, as strong evidence the End is Near, something from Ezekiel and/or Daniel — Googling now — about how “knowledge shall increase” and travel with great speed, and people will too, moving to and fro. This was not progress at all, but a very bad thing spelling doom (yet inevitable and all according to plan!) — or so they said, based of course on all their own years of study and knowledge, with their very prosyletizing itself able to travel instantly around the globe, by virtue of these amazing electronic technologies.

I found this about the prophesy of increased knowledge and travel speed portending the rapturous end of the beginning, or beginning of the end:



Daniel 12:4 But thou, 0 Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. . .

Turns out they all did a similar show on CNN the other night, so there’s a transcript here.

And like in intelligent design, they are quick to use scientific, historical and statistical probability methods to bolster their case (But isn’t this “knowledge spreading” just making things worse, advancing the Tribulation times? Maybe because that’s what they want and are working to advance?)

The world-ending problem to be solved is that either way– whether you believe this is insanity or reality — world leaders speaking for us all, are buying into this stuff and making deadly serious decisions based on what they believe about Biblical prophecy arguments, or at the least, what they believe the other guys believe.

Seems to me some increasing knowledge of game theory would therefore be useful. Maybe we could check with Harvard, there must be experts on it there? 😉

And since I wrote this as a comment earlier today, another thought has occurred to me: whether in public schools or prophesy, I really HATE the phrase “Left Behind!”

Maybe there’s something to the part of the prophecy about knowledge increasing in ways that are ominous, witness No Child Left Behind. And the book series authors apparently hear Condi Rice sending coded biblical messages in her peace-brokering press conferences, just another instrument of the “known” prophesy.

I read several of the early Left Behind books the same way I read everything, as power of story. All I hear now when I hear Left Behind though, is man’s god and man’s government dressing themselves up in the promise of “free will” to travel in opposite directions until they circumscribe a closed ring to contain and corral all us independent knowledge seekers and mind travelers, for our own good of course, just like bronco-busting. . .



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3 04 2007

Well, we could all just take Beck & associates word for it that the end is near, thereby stopping any further increase of knowledge. We could save the world!!!

3 04 2007

Ooh, ooh! Reminds me of the news story COD found, about a kid suspended from school because he dressed as a pirate, complete with eyepatch.

I have a Pirateboy too (like Eireann, hi Eireann) and both he and his big sister get a huge charge out of the tenet of Pastafarianism that proclaims global warming to be caused by the decline of pirates, and exhorts the faithful therefore to dress in full pirate regalia, to save the world!

He would do it anyway of course. 🙂

But back to this boy in school — he did say it was his religion to dress that way, and if it was school satire theatre, it was damn good . . . and if pirate dress being accepted as revealed truth is what the world needs now, I think we’re gonna be meeting Davy Jones before we meet His Noodliness.

3 04 2007

Hmmm – did you know the Catholic Church has increased its knowledge to the point that it has discovered three different kinds of prophecy? (Not sure whether the Left Behind authors would agree but if they did not, then how would they explain it not being clearly literal and definite, plain as the nose on your face? (Maybe with the sensory rapture mentioned at the end of this excerpt?)

. . .there are three kinds of prophecy according to St. Thomas (Summa II-II:174:1): prophecy of denunciation, of foreknowledge, and of predestination.

* In the first kind God reveals future events according to the order of secondary causes, which may be hindered from taking effect by other causes which would require a miraculous power to prevent, and these may or may not happen, though the prophets do not express it but seem to speak absolutely. . .

* The second, that of foreknowledge, takes place when God reveals future events which depend upon created free will and which he sees present from eternity. They have reference to life and death, to wars and dynasties, to the affairs of Church and State, as well as to the affairs of individual life.

* The third kind, the prophecy of predestination, takes place when God reveals what He alone will do, and what he sees present in eternity and in His absolute decree. This includes not only the secret of predestination to grace and to glory, but also those things which God has absolutely decreed to do by His own supreme power, and which will infallibly come to pass.

The objects of prophecy may also be viewed in respect to human knowledge:

* when an event may be beyond the possible natural knowledge of the prophet, but may be within the range of human knowledge and known to others who witness the occurrence, as, for instance, the result of the battle of Lepanto revealed to St. Pius V;

* when the object surpasses the knowledge of all men, not that it is unknowable but that the human mind cannot naturally receive the knowledge, such as the mystery of the Holy Trinity, or the mystery of predestination;

* when the things that are beyond the power of the human mind to know are not in themselves knowable because their truth is not yet determined, such as future contingent things which depend upon free will. This is regarded as the most perfect object of prophecy, because it is the most general and embraces all events that are in themselves unknowable.

God can enlighten the human mind in any way he pleases. He often makes use of angelic ministry in prophetic communications, or He Himself may speak to the prophet and illuminate his mind. Again the supernatural light of prophecy may be conveyed to the intellect or through the senses or the imagination.

Prophecy may take place even when the senses are suspended in ecstasy, but this in mystical terminology is called rapture. . . then the senses which are necessary for a right understanding of things cannot act, and it is only when a man comes to himself and awakens from the ecstasy that he can properly know and discern the nature of his vision.

4 04 2007
Nance Confer

The world-ending problem to be solved is that either way– whether you believe this is insanity or reality — world leaders speaking for us all, are buying into this stuff and making deadly serious decisions based on what they believe about Biblical prophecy arguments, or at the least, what they believe the other guys believe.
Or not. They don’t have to really believe in anything to act in their own interests. And since we don’t have President Bush’s ability to see into anyone’s soul, we are left to wonder what leaders will screw up next and then search one scripture or another to justify.

The ability that some pols (and others) have to lie and twist facts and paint things as they want them to be seen never ceases to amaze me. (I’m thinking of recent wage versus GNP figures I read about. That booming economy? Turns out you’re not nuts to think your wages don’t reflect any such thing.)

What always astounds me is the blatant lying. Since they can lie about everything else under the sun, and don’t seem to see any conflict with their religion, I have no doubt they can mouth any end-of-times schtick that gets votes, believing in none of it, without blinking an eye.

And why isn’t Beck over on Fox where he belongs?


4 04 2007

Some comments at Daryl’s the other day on “religious education” touched on the ten commandments as law, which got me thinking about “bearing false witness” and perjury laws. Probably there’s a truckload of scholarly papers about lying as it pertains to religion, and another load on the legal points of lying in our judicial system, but what interests me is the intersection of the two.

Religious politicians.

4 04 2007

Anybody but me see more promise of useful knowledge about belief in the first part of the Daniel scripture, the part they weren’t discussing?

“. . .shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end”

Now is that instruction to ban books like Harry Potter and Origin of the Species?
Or could it be sternly separatist, meaning to seal the bible (THE book) and stop preaching for converts among the lost, to hunker down in Tribulation Force secret societies that speak in code and trust no one, because their words and books might confuse you? Maybe it’s a continuum already underway . . .

16 05 2007
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