Greg, Tammy, the Cates and the Carnival of Education

4 04 2007

Ryan Boots and Joanne Jacobs too, wow, this new “Easter Break” edition of the Carnival of Education could keep Thinking Parents busy reading no matter which education options they might personally favor or fear most! 🙂

I happened to warm up fast to this one myself, so far “outdoors” from the laws and rules and politics of schooling that although we’re not really outdoorsy types (and I *hate* snakes loose in the wild where they could give me a heart attack by suddenly appearing) it speaks to our natural learning story just the same, being of absorbent minds and all: Read the rest of this entry »

Schools Teach Last Test While Education Writes Next One

4 04 2007

Still chewing over Greg Laden’s selective vision, the prevalent yet peculiar mindset (blindset?) that prevents even an extremely intelligent and well-educated academic from seeing the quintessential difference between School and Education in public policy.

If one can’t see that, apparently one also cannot grasp how productively Thinking Parents can light up the latter by simply shifting our discursive spotlight off the former.

I went back to my Butch Cassidy community college essay to make the case yet another way, only to realize the ensuing Culture Kitchen discussion fit this point better than the original post.

So here’s a composite of three comments I made. Nance rode with me in that caper, see her comments at the link above. (And is anyone really surprised the whole establishment-defending posse came after us as homeschool outlaws, and let the other guys go scotfree?)

I was schooled for 20 years but my real-life education somehow managed to overcome it. Most kids aren’t that lucky, to grow into well-educated adult lives animated at every turn by questioning and learning, thinking new thoughts and contributing actively to the community of ideas and progress. Institutional School doesn’t educate the individual in that sense; it gets in the way.

Institutional schooling has taught our fellow citizens so much about duty and failure and tedium, conforming their own internal life to external demands, that most inevitably become workaday parents and teachers (and voters and politicians) who simply follow and enforce and further entrench society’s rules and restrictions, rather than rethinking them. They pass all this on in turn. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be . . .and they soldier on. Read the rest of this entry »