Homeschoolers for President!

6 04 2007

Now you’re talking some serious education reform and rethinking visibility — how about just putting a home-educating family in the White House, way to save years of lobbying and public ‘splaining! Elizabeth Edwards really appealed to me already, but this is some great icing on their campaign’s cake for me.

And just for the record let me reiterate, I don’t give a flying flip about whether they call it “homeschooling” or “tutoring” or “private schooling” or some personal combination of terms that best captures meaning for them as parents. With a professional tutor, I suppose it won’t be even partly “unschooling” but OTOH, these kids are young enough to learn a great deal through play and maybe the tutor will be a REAL education expert rather than a pedant, and understand “school play” as something other than an oxymoron? The point isn’t the labeling but being free to find what works and doing it, and loving it. As a family (first or otherwise.)

(Cock of the Snook to Daryl, homeschooling Dem dad doctor of science who found this)

SALON: Elizabeth has announced that you plan to hire a tutor to help home-school your two youngest children, Emma Claire and Jack, in the fall so the family can be together on the campaign trail.
Have you realized how many conservative votes you could get if you play up your plans for home schooling?

John Edwards: I hadn’t thought about that.

SALON: I assume that evolution will not be part of the curriculum.

John Edwards: It’ll be part of our curriculum.

SALON: Other than thinking about it, have you made any arrangements for home schooling?

John Edwards: No. We haven’t even talked to the children about it, which we have to do.



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3 02 2009
Old Question Rears Its Head AGAIN: What’s in a Name? « Cocking A Snook!

[…] In our unschooling life of course, I haven’t needed the authority of that title. Most folks I know now don’t realize I’ve been an academic doctor my whole adult life. I remain female but I’ve gradually taken on the authority of age and experience, and considerably more physical presence (heft! lol) than in my willowy youth. When I’m occasionally called Doctor JJ now, in my 50s like Doctor Biden — also blonde and happy, except about twice her size — I still like it. And I have EARNED it. […]

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