Should I Homeschool? Philosopher Says Yes Nine Ways

7 04 2007

“Michael Pakaluk is a professor of philosophy in Cambridge, Mass. who is currently helping to homeschool his 16-year-old daughter.” — so says The Pilot, America’s oldest Catholic newspaper, in a column headed “Should I Homeschool?”

He proceeds to offer nine (but why not ten, maybe because he’s already off on his own quirky tangent and liking it??) straightforward and “important” reasons for a family to at least consider homeschooling.

And I have my own important reason for liking this particular dad as the source of this positive case: he’s a philosophy professor, just like Stanford philosophy prof Rob Reich, who impassively (and academically but most unscientifically!) argued such reasons were unreasonable and/or irrelevant, to make a case AGAINST homeschooling built on a single rather weak point, the theoretical potential he postulated that in very rare cases, unregulated home education instead of “school” could make a child “ethically servile” to the parents’ values. Ergo the State must School even when it’s homeschool.

He didn’t know what he was talking about, had never homeschooled nor sent a child TO school because he didn’t even have school-aged children at the time, just a baby at home — but that was his lofty professional claim to fame and he was sticking to it! Read the rest of this entry »