Natural Parent Power: Kind to Climate, Children, Women Too!

9 04 2007

Teresa Heinz Kerry is embarking on a blog tour in conjunction with her foundation’s annual “Women’s Health & the Environment” conference in Pittsburgh PA April 20, and ta-da! Cocking a Snook will be one of her stops.

For real, right here with us, personally! 🙂

We’ve never participated in a blog tour so this is a learning experience for us about sustaining healthy online climates, too. Maybe it will play out as some sort of reverse carnival — one featured player visits from blog to blog in a series of mini-interviews on one big theme, rather than diverse blogposts collected in one place at one time for all readers?


But I’ve been picturing it more as a “progressive dinner” of environmental cuisine, like those social meals my parents enjoyed in quiet college towns, friends and fellows trouping from home to home as the evening progresses to partake of distinctively different but equally delightful courses, all variations on a universal theme. Each host in turn becomes everyone else’s guest, and a fine time is had by all.

That’s too quaint and last-century for Teresa or for most of you sophisticated young netizens and your kids, I guess, but that’s the old family recipe I’m using for what Snook is cooking up for the party. . .

The Heinz Family Philanthropies are sponsoring the whole shebang. If we needed a reason for Snook to participate, hosting the co-founder of anything called the “Alliance for Healthy Homes” would be enough for me, not to mention “Education for Sustainability.” (But of course there’s so much more!)

Snook is very pleased to see the educational perspectives of Thinking Parents welcomed into the company of these fresh, progressive blogs, each with something unique to offer on themes of universal concern. Visit them under your own power to sample the many flavors of this blog tour menu, but remember — Teresa’s parent power responses served exclusively at Snook!

Here is the Blog Tour Schedule:

4-14 Culture Kitchen
4-15 Light Up The Darkness
4-16 Democracy Cell Project
4-17 A Dem Fine Woman
4-18 Big Green Purse
4-19 John Kerry Is My Hero
4-20 Democratic Daily
4-21 Post Carbon
4-22 The Unofficial Kerry Blog
4-23 Culture Kitchen
4-24 We Love John Kerry
4-25 Violet Voices
4-26 Cocking A Snook
4-27 VB Dems
4-28 Tough Enough
4-29 Liberal Values
4-30 Freedom’s Fire

The Kerrys’ new book is “This Moment on Earth” reviewed here by the final blog tour host: Read the rest of this entry »