Natural Parent Power: Kind to Climate, Children, Women Too!

9 04 2007

Teresa Heinz Kerry is embarking on a blog tour in conjunction with her foundation’s annual “Women’s Health & the Environment” conference in Pittsburgh PA April 20, and ta-da! Cocking a Snook will be one of her stops.

For real, right here with us, personally! 🙂

We’ve never participated in a blog tour so this is a learning experience for us about sustaining healthy online climates, too. Maybe it will play out as some sort of reverse carnival — one featured player visits from blog to blog in a series of mini-interviews on one big theme, rather than diverse blogposts collected in one place at one time for all readers?


But I’ve been picturing it more as a “progressive dinner” of environmental cuisine, like those social meals my parents enjoyed in quiet college towns, friends and fellows trouping from home to home as the evening progresses to partake of distinctively different but equally delightful courses, all variations on a universal theme. Each host in turn becomes everyone else’s guest, and a fine time is had by all.

That’s too quaint and last-century for Teresa or for most of you sophisticated young netizens and your kids, I guess, but that’s the old family recipe I’m using for what Snook is cooking up for the party. . .

The Heinz Family Philanthropies are sponsoring the whole shebang. If we needed a reason for Snook to participate, hosting the co-founder of anything called the “Alliance for Healthy Homes” would be enough for me, not to mention “Education for Sustainability.” (But of course there’s so much more!)

Snook is very pleased to see the educational perspectives of Thinking Parents welcomed into the company of these fresh, progressive blogs, each with something unique to offer on themes of universal concern. Visit them under your own power to sample the many flavors of this blog tour menu, but remember — Teresa’s parent power responses served exclusively at Snook!

Here is the Blog Tour Schedule:

4-14 Culture Kitchen
4-15 Light Up The Darkness
4-16 Democracy Cell Project
4-17 A Dem Fine Woman
4-18 Big Green Purse
4-19 John Kerry Is My Hero
4-20 Democratic Daily
4-21 Post Carbon
4-22 The Unofficial Kerry Blog
4-23 Culture Kitchen
4-24 We Love John Kerry
4-25 Violet Voices
4-26 Cocking A Snook
4-27 VB Dems
4-28 Tough Enough
4-29 Liberal Values
4-30 Freedom’s Fire

The Kerrys’ new book is “This Moment on Earth” reviewed here by the final blog tour host:

The subtitle is Today’s New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future, but instead of being about big-shot ivory tower types and grand visions, it’s mostly about everyday people who were faced with serious environmental issues in their own neighborhoods, and the work they did to improve their situations.

For more about Teresa Heinz Kerry as a woman and environmental activist, see this affectionate introduction from Virginia Beach Dems:

She already runs one of the largest philanthropic foundations in the country, Heinz Family Philanthropies, and that’s just the beginning of all the amazing things she has done over the years. A quick peruse into her many endeavors offers a staggering array of good works and gives us a glimpse at what one woman can do for the vital issues of our time like the environment, where other people of considerable wealth like her, pale in comparison:

I see great promise in this next analogy and will try to flesh it out more later. The idea of making education more natural, the simple genius of reframing the issue of education reform and being responsive to principles of educational ecology . . .don’t accept systemic harm and damage to kids and curiosity and initiative as a given, arguing only over the permissable amount! Consider an alternative — why not just design products and institutions to support the education we all want to see in the world, sustainable ideas that fit life cycles and natural environments and healthy humans? (REAL Intelligent Design!)

Teresa was also involved with the Greening of Pittsburgh starting in 1991, a movement that has spread across the country and the world, to make buildings more natural using the Hannover Principles from the 2000 World’s Fair. Teresa explains here:

“The simple genius behind the nine Hannover Principles was that they reframed the issue. Rather than take a certain amount of ecological harm as a given, with people on various sides of the environmental debate reduced to arguing over the permissible amount, [Architect and Designer] Bill and Michael invited us to consider an alternative. Why not just design products and institutions that support the environment, they asked?

The key insight . . . is recognizing the materials of our daily lives—even highly technical, synthetic industrial materials—as nutrients that can be designed to circulate in human systems very much like nitrogen, water, and simple sugars circulate in nature’s nutrient cycles. . .”

A recent article in the Boston Globe explains:

. . .They had hoped such issues would help vault them to the White House. Now, they hope to show people that it doesn’t take the power of a president — or even a veteran United States senator — to help save the environment.



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9 04 2007

Through this project I just found this new little GEM of a homeschool mom blog, from a mom who like me used to be schoolfolk, called Dem Fine Woman. I am adding her to Snook’s blogroll right now and I can’t wait to read more of her very thoughtful, beautifully and carefully crafted work.

And she’s invited to visit and comment here, anytime. 🙂

9 04 2007

And may I say – I LOVE this name!

Sir Percy (that “demmed elusive pimpernel”) was always saying his wife was a dem fine woman. BTW our community’s musical theatre company is doing the Scarlet Pimpernel as its big summer musical this year, and Favorite Daughter would do just about anything to be cast, and if she isn’t, she will sweep and pull curtains and run spots and whatever she needs to do, to be in the theatre every night. 🙂

9 04 2007

Young Son walked by and saw Dem FIne Woman, said oh! That’s what Uncle Andrew always said, is this blog about Narnia, The Magician’s Nephew, you remember mom!

SO now I am wondering if I remember the phrase from both and just didn’t realize it? A little help . . .!

10 04 2007

Of course, Uncle Andrew was speaking of the White Witch…..

10 04 2007

I remember now.

12 04 2007
Nance Confer

So, starting 4/14/, I just click on the clickable links in the list of blogs above?


12 04 2007

Right – that way we’ll see the whole interview build, as Teresa responds to each blog’s individual questions for her. And there may be different angles to the discussion at different blogs.

I heard that she and her staff are really excited by the quality and diversity of the questions that were submitted and they’re really taking them seriously (Snook’s two will be about helping kids learn environmental lessons without school of course!), can’t wait to see how this plays out. 🙂

13 04 2007
Nance Confer

So you’ll post some sort of reminder to hit me over the head? Pleeeease! 🙂


13 04 2007

Oh, all right . . .

13 04 2007

Just thought of the treasure/scavenger hunt frame too, to go with the progressive dinner idea. Seems like Thinking Parent blogs, for instance, could combine those into a diverse blog tour format that might really pack some punch for the public, while being more meaningful and satisfying for us as participants. Much more so than the rule-bound popularity contest approach of “awards” — the medium is the massage?

Power of story professionals in the theatre community have a bone to pick with our skidding common culture. They would like us to consider that the story of what you present is shaped (misshapen!) by how loudly and artificially you’re induced to present it. . .

Education too, is more conducive to smaller theaters where words really matter. Public policy debate too, is distorted when pitched beyond human reason and scale, playing to huge faceless audiences fighting just to get inside, never mind down front. Our civic art forms and collective wisdom have been distorted and diminished, and those of us old enough to remember a time when civil discourse fell not on deaf ears, seldom go out to the theatre any more.

14 04 2007
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15 04 2007
Blog Tour Day Two « Cocking A Snook!

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15 04 2007

Congratulations JJ on getting Cocking a Snook onto the Tour!! I can’t wait until the 26th!!


15 04 2007

Hi kikki, glad you’re here, a perfect person to connect young women and health issues. 🙂

If you personally could ask Teresa one question on this tour, what might it be?

16 04 2007
Day Three: 'Body Burden' on Women and Children Wrong Answer « Cocking A Snook!

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16 04 2007

Oh dear…I suppose I would want to ask her what she proposes that the US, and the world over, begin doing to try to stop this on slaught of eating disorders in the our culture today.

I’m doing a research paper on eating disorders and the statistics are frightening. It is an immense problem that the world seems to acknowledge, but never do anything about.


16 04 2007

Well, I’m always up to learn something new. First, what does your research thusfar suggest is the CAUSE (or causes) in environmental terms? Pressure to perform maybe, or abundance coupled with guilt?

16 04 2007

Or could it be more biological than psychological, like some suspect addiction to be? Hmmm . . .

17 04 2007

Well, there is a genetic component involved that does leave people susceptible to develop an eating disorder, however without the correct environmental triggers they would probably never exhibit symptoms.
The problem is that most of the time, the proximate cause of an eating disorder is different from the ultimate cause of the eating disorder. The proximate cause being the desire to be thin, and the ultimate cause being anxiety in other areas such as intimacy issues.
An eating disorder, much of the time, is someone transferring anxiety that they feel from something else onto food.
Thus, the problem which needs dealing with is not the eating disorder itself, but working with the person to try to understand where the initial anxiety has come from. But the person has become so enamoured with their eating disorder that they have convinced themself that food is the problem, and weightloss is the key.
This is one of the reasons why it is so hard to treat.


19 04 2007
Blog Tour Two-fer to Catch Up « Cocking A Snook!

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19 04 2007

AS fodder for her paper, maybe this would interest kikki?

Are we …obsessed with trying to look and feel smart for each other, neglecting and perhaps unable to actually BE smart and DO smart?

[We face] stupidity both cultural and critical, a telescoping of intellect and imagination into a one-dimensional reflective surface…
the standard-narrowed, uncertainty-fearing, control-freakish Culture of School works in the opposite direction from open science cultures that celebrate real smarts.

If critical thinking is brain food, school is anorexia.

20 04 2007
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24 04 2007
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18 06 2007
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16 09 2010
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