Snook’s Thinking Makes You Feel!

10 04 2007


Hey, we WON!  🙂

Labeling the Outstanding Young Women of Rutgers

10 04 2007

UPDATE April 12 4:48 pm – CBS just fired him too, so says cable news (no Google news story yet)

UPDATE – MSNBC fired Imus today from their morning simulcast of his radio program.


Of the ten beautiful, accomplished, championship athlete students labeled so vividly and unfairly by political radio host Don Imus, Heather and Katie aren’t even African-American. Essence is a classical pianist. Half are freshmen (freshwomen? freshgirls?) just out of high school and by university policy are therefore considered not yet ready for media interaction.

THEY were labeled, these ten young women. Not a race, not a sex, sport or constituency. These particular, extraordinary and now extraordinarily visible young women. No one has apologized to them. Why should labeling them be a matter decided by a fight between Don Imus and Al Sharpton?

Imus could be in real danger if the outcry causes advertisers to shy away from him, said Tom Taylor, editor of the trade publication Inside Radio. The National Organization for Women is also seeking Imus’ ouster.

Imus isn’t the most popular radio talk-show host — the trade publication Talkers ranks him the 14th most influential — but his audience is heavy on the political and media elite that advertisers pay a premium to reach. Authors, journalists and politicians are frequent guests — and targets for insults.

He has urged critics to recognize that his show is a comedy that spreads insults broadly.

A reporter just asked whether the remarks were more offensive as a woman or as an African-American. Read the rest of this entry »

Blog the Thinking Man’s Climate Debate TODAY

10 04 2007

Talk about real-world education without school!

(Cock of the snook to Culture Kitchen and contributor M. Loutre)

John Kerry and Newt Gingrich are debating the government’s role in dealing with global climate change this morning at 10 am EDT, and enviromentally-minded netizens will be blogging about it in real time.

The debate, hosted by New York University’s John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress, will take place in the Russell Senate Office Building and will be broadcast live by C-Span and simultaneously webcast at

As notes, this event ought to be a thinking-man’s matchup well worth watching:

“Newt’s a guy who has spent a lot of time wrestling with climate change and the environment. He reads about it, he teaches about it, he writes about it,” Kerry said Thursday. “We don’t see eye to eye about everything, obviously, but that’s what makes for a good debate.

“We need these good old-fashioned debates and forums and discussions to get everyone thinking creatively on both sides of the aisle.”

“You do what you can to build the dialogue.”

Various progressive political posters will be giving the play-by-play and commenting on what they see and hear from Kerry and Gingrich on Kerry’s blog this morning.

The more voices and the more different points of view that are represented in live-blogging discussions of this sort, the better the quality of the resulting discourse. So stop by the Kerry blog and join the debate about the debate.