Speaking of Blog Awards, Watch Out Moms!

11 04 2007

Maybe all awards are bogus to some extent. (Alfie Kohn fans sure tend to think so.)
But this blog “award” set-up looks exceptional even among the usual level of self-enriching bogus-ness. If you have any mom readers, please help us get the word out on your blogs right now, as Mother’s Day marketing accelerates.

This is the “as if we women aren’t marketed to within an inch of our
lives already” department — I received an award, that, upon scrutiny, was bogus.

This guy, David Kovach, a search marketer, came up with an “award”
that is actually a marketing scam involving his mother’s day site,

which is a link farm. A lot of women who received the award for “Top
Mom Blog” have been taken in by it, are posting the award on their
sites and driving traffic to his url. Kovach then pockets the
percentages he earns from click through Mother’s Day affiliates.
“Moms” get meaningless award in return for free access to their
readers…I’m trying to get the word out.

The skeptical blogger who noticed this scam continues her investigation and gives the marketer his say in a followup post slugged, “Search Me But Keep Your Hands Off My Social Network” . . .



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11 04 2007

I’m a hard-core Alfie Kohnista. ;> Pity my poor grandkids. I won’t even give them a perky, “Good job!” [**serious** shudder]

I do, however, cuddle on the couch, read them books, and try to have relevant comments to make about their work. “Well, that is an interesting tyrannosaurus rex picture. Did they all wear hats?” (no)

As for the awards, the refrain to Rick Nelson’s song, Garden Party, keeps drifting through my head.

But it’s alright now, I’ve learned my lesson well. You see, you can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself

You just do the job the best you can — and keep your hand on your wallet.

11 04 2007

Hey! Good name for a new round of awards, shall we base them here at Snook this time? — the Garden Party “Gotta Please Yourself and Keep Your Hand on Your Wallet” Awards!

11 04 2007

Or we could call them the Thinking Parent Sweet Waffle Kohns?

11 04 2007

Sweet Waffle Kohns awards. 🙂

12 04 2007
Nance Confer

Hats are big with turtles, apparently. Per DD, anyway! 🙂

Nance — catching up and throwing in irrelevant remark– where’s my prize!

12 04 2007

Nance and her DD are hereby awarded the “Irrelevant Garden Party Hat” Grand Prize!

13 04 2007
Nance Confer

Let the parade begin! 🙂


11 02 2009

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