Announcing the 2007 Thinking Parent Sweet Waffle Kohn Awards

12 04 2007

In honor of all the education competitions and awards we find bogus, and all the criticism good parents and great kids endure that’s even more bogus, Cocking a Snook hereby announces the 2007 Thinking Parent Sweet Waffle Kohn Awards!


Feel free to lobby us shamelessly for the next few days while we make stuff up that might get us out of this with a few laughs and some new blog fodder.


JJ thinks a prize to the best essay on Alfie Kohn in the last year should certainly be involved, hey, didn’t Pam Sorooshian get to drive him around in her car or something at a conference?

You don’t have to enter to win!

(but it helps, we’re old after all)



Scooby-Doo and Young Son, Too

12 04 2007

Saw this at wikipedia as today’s featured article, and Young Son is all thrilled so I am posting it atop Snook, just for him! JJ

This article is about the TV series. For the character, see Scooby-Doo (character). For the film, see Scooby-Doo (film).

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If Imus Had Slurred “Schoepfungers” Instead. . .

12 04 2007

what do you think would have happened, after the blogosphere got up off the floor and caught their breath, I mean?


With all our hard-wired human reverence for language, meaning and story, how often do we stop to really think about the power of the words used in their schoepfung?

UPDATE – Snook on what DID happen with Imus.

Pope Takes “Orthodox” Line on Evolution

12 04 2007

No endorsement of Intelligent Design for Pope Benedict, reports the Scotsman today:

Benedict, whose remarks were published yesterday in Germany in the book Schoepfung und Evolution (Creation and Evolution), praised scientific progress and did not endorse creationist or “intelligent design” views about life’s origins. . .

“Science has opened up large dimensions of reason … and thus brought us new insights,” Benedict, a former theology professor, said . . .

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