Down Where the Old Gators Play – and WIN??

16 04 2007

Snook HOMESCHOOL HEISMAN UPDATE Dec 1, 2007 — comments welcome


All that’s missing is Emmitt Smith’s Dancing With the Stars crystal disco ball. Chomp chomp . . .

(The fellow citizen of Gator Nation who sent me this today called it a screensaver, but I haven’t figured that trick out yet.)

Down Where the Olg Gators Play - and Win it ALL, Baby!

Freedom of Education Quoting Snook School Post

16 04 2007

Just noticed a boldface quote from this post featured at the Freedom of Education homepage — where there’s plenty to feast on including John Taylor Gatto, if you’ve already digested our leftovers.


Day Three: ‘Body Burden’ on Women and Children Wrong Answer

16 04 2007

If you pay attention — to Hollywood and talk radio if nothing else — then you’ve heard we create our own carbon footprints, but what do you know about ‘body burden’ and could you make better private choices if you learned more?

Day Three of Teresa Heinz Kerry’s “Women’s Health & the Environment” blog tour reminds us that our physical environments and every choice we make large or small, informed or not, interact as one “system of the whole” to affect us and our kids. We carry the cumulative results inside ourselves as our Body Burden.

Teresa in Day 3 discussion, Democracy Cell Project:
.. .each of us needs to understand what I call the “consequences of our actions”, that is, to educate ourselves about the products we use and buy everyday . . .

Thinking Parents get that! And we’re coming to understand systemic effects within the complex ecology of School, all the unseen and unintended influences that interact to ultimately affect every aspect of personal and family life. No single program, product or practice within the system and culture can doom or save us but cumulatively, everything counts and follows us throughout life.

Call it Our Cumulative Folder.

This is like that. Think about it.



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