Day Three: ‘Body Burden’ on Women and Children Wrong Answer

16 04 2007

If you pay attention — to Hollywood and talk radio if nothing else — then you’ve heard we create our own carbon footprints, but what do you know about ‘body burden’ and could you make better private choices if you learned more?

Day Three of Teresa Heinz Kerry’s “Women’s Health & the Environment” blog tour reminds us that our physical environments and every choice we make large or small, informed or not, interact as one “system of the whole” to affect us and our kids. We carry the cumulative results inside ourselves as our Body Burden.

Teresa in Day 3 discussion, Democracy Cell Project:
.. .each of us needs to understand what I call the “consequences of our actions”, that is, to educate ourselves about the products we use and buy everyday . . .

Thinking Parents get that! And we’re coming to understand systemic effects within the complex ecology of School, all the unseen and unintended influences that interact to ultimately affect every aspect of personal and family life. No single program, product or practice within the system and culture can doom or save us but cumulatively, everything counts and follows us throughout life.

Call it Our Cumulative Folder.

This is like that. Think about it.



Full schedule and more details.



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16 04 2007

“Crist said Florida will deal with the challenge as a non-partisan issue. . .”
Crist sees parallel with Schwarzenegger
Florida, California governors take bold stance on environment

By Bruce Ritchie
Tallahassee Democrat Staff Writer

They’re both Republicans, they’re both tanned and they both promote physical fitness.

But there also are other striking similarities between Gov. Charlie Crist and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on environmental issues.

Schwarzenegger, a movie star and bodybuilder, has become the Republican darling of environmentalists as he has led California on agreements to reduce carbon emissions to avoid global climate change.

Likewise, Florida’s new governor says he is an environmentalist and is considering putting solar panels on the roof of the Governor’s Mansion.

Crist, who took office in January, says climate change is one of the most important issues facing Florida this century. And he acknowledges the parallel with Schwarzenegger.

“I don’t think there is any question about it: Governor Schwarzenegger, to his credit, has been a great leader in this regard,” Crist said April 3 after the Cabinet held a climate change workshop.

Crist said he’s following in the tradition of President Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican who is heralded for his environmental achievements, such as establishing the U.S. Forest Service.

“If you reach out and work harder and do sometimes what may be the unexpected, you may be able to go even further,” Crist said.

Crist also has said he’s unhappy that utilities are proposing several new coal-fired power plants, including one in Taylor County. Tallahassee is a partner in the proposed Taylor Energy Center.

Mark Ferrulo, director of Environment Florida, said Crist – like Schwarzenegger – is saying and doing all the right things.

“Governor Schwarzenegger has really sort of dissolved the partisian divisions in his state when it comes to protecting the environment,” Ferrulo said.

“I think Governor Crist also is moving Florida in that direction. He is unabashed in telling anyone who asks he is an environmentalist. That is something we haven’t had in the Governor’s Mansion in a long time.”

Utility lobbyist Chuck Hinson said governors and congressional leaders across the nation are having to deal more aggressively with the climate-change issue. He said Florida’s utilities are up to the challenge of using new technology to create renewable energy and increase energy efficiency.

“I expect Crist to be much like Schwarzenegger in being bold and aggressive in all this,” said Hinson, vice president governmental affairs for TECO Energy.

Scott Segal, a Washington, D.C., attorney who represents utility industry groups, said it’s too early to know if Florida will follow a similar path as California.

He said Schwarzenegger has effectively banned coal-fired power plants in California and the import of energy from those plants in other states. He said that’s unwise for growth states, including Florida.

“I would say Florida would be ill-advised to turn to California for advice on enegy policy,” Segal said, noting California’s blackouts in recent years.

Crist has been joined by state Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink in advocating a response to climate change. But Attorney General Bill McCollum, who quizzed scientists about climate change during the April 4 workshop, said afterwards he’s skeptical about some of the climate change warnings.

“I happen to think we probably are, like everything else, taking things to extremes,” said McCollum, a former Republican congressman. “The pendulum tends to swing one way for a while and then the other way for a while.”

But scientists who spoke at the workshop said there is little doubt that climate change is occurring and that the effects are being seen in sea level rise that is causing coastal erosion.

Crist said Florida will deal with the challenge as a non-partisan issue.

“There are great opportuinties for Florida to lead the way and I think we are going to do exactly that,” Crist said. “That is my prayer.”

Governor Schwarzenegger called on his fellow governors to create a regional, market-based program to cap carbon emissions at the 24th Annual Border Governors Conference.

The Governor negotiated a partnership between California and Britain to find joint economic, scientific and technological solutions to global warming.

He led the Western Governors’ Association in adopting clean energy goals that will bring 30,000 megawatts of clean energy online by 2015 and increase energy efficiency by 20 percent by 2020.

14 07 2008
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