Down Where the Old Gators Play – and WIN??

16 04 2007

Snook HOMESCHOOL HEISMAN UPDATE Dec 1, 2007 — comments welcome


All that’s missing is Emmitt Smith’s Dancing With the Stars crystal disco ball. Chomp chomp . . .

(The fellow citizen of Gator Nation who sent me this today called it a screensaver, but I haven’t figured that trick out yet.)

Down Where the Olg Gators Play - and Win it ALL, Baby!



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17 04 2007
Not June Cleaver

Cool picture! I showed it to my husband (of course). I’ll bet you can save it to your computer and use it as wallpaper (I didn’t try it yet, but it looks like the dimensions are right for stretching it to fit the screen).

I’ve been glued to the news the last two days. While his alma mater is famous for good reasons, mine is famous for bad. 😦

17 04 2007

Oh no — I didn’t make the connection, I’m so sorry. UF and FSU have had the horror kind of fame too (Ted Bundy, Danny Rollins) and I think I heard on NPR today there were 17,000 student shootings on campuses across the country last year, too many for most to even make the news . . .

18 04 2007

“Whaddaya say we get the kids BURIED before we start calling the lawyers??”
–Glenn Beck just now on my radio

18 04 2007
Not June Cleaver

I’m really sick of reading/hearing all the blame stories. Ugh.

18 04 2007
Not June Cleaver

OMG, I just noticed that the new theme I chose for my blog is the same as yours. We even chose the same background color. Honest, I’m not copying you! The picture I put on my banner was taken at the end of my FIL’s dock on Lake Santa Fe. I loved the rainbow and the moss hanging from the cypress trees.

18 04 2007

You can choose the background color?? 🙂

I like it, and I don’t think I would’ve even noticed without you mentioning it, because the photo mainly defines the feel, and we’re using very different ones. COD is unlikely for example to find yours as nearly as creepy as he finds the food clown on the left, for which we won our award!

(Now we’ll see if he’s reading or not) 😉

19 04 2007

Well, I guess you can’t change the background color. I thought I saw that as an option, but now I can’t find it. Oh well. It’s a cool theme anyway. Maybe I’ll try to photoshop my picture a bit to make the rainbow stand out more. Unless COD is afraid of lakes, he’s not likely to be creeped out by my banner.

31 05 2007
Will I Lose My Master-gator? « Cocking A Snook!

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22 08 2007
Zach Durfee

Is there anyway i can get a poster of this this might be the greatest picture in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 09 2007

LOVE IT!!!! Where can we get prints????

10 09 2007

Yeah I love it too, guys!

Sorry though, I have no idea — it was sent to me as a screensaver I never figured out quite how to use. I don’t even know the artist or I would give full credit and send business his/her way. If you find out, do please post it here! 🙂

10 11 2007

Ohio State lost today which is just desserts for the overrated, and maybe the media commentators will admit it this time!
OSU proved not a legit number one last year when the Gators killed them in the championship game, and they never were this year either. Despite the misplaced hype about being undefeated. . .

14 05 2008
Living in a College Town. . . « Cocking A Snook!

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1 11 2008

Speaking of Emmitt Smith, TIm Tebow broke Emmitt’s college-career rushing record today against the hated, penalties-on-purpose thus disrespectful of our AWESOMENESS, Georgia Bulldogs.

With plenty of “career” left to go! 😀

1 11 2008

And I’d like to point out both these Swamp greats were Florida-bred, not imported like fussy beer.

22 11 2008
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7 03 2009
JJ’s Beloved Gator Nation Makes NYT for Education, Culture, History « Cocking A Snook!

[…] national championship Gator sports including homeschooled quarterback phenom Tim Tebow are a world unto themselves, a whole identity […]

5 12 2009

This 2009 championship game is torture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good thing I have designated watchers calling out to me from the other room so I can remain semi-disengaged, or I’d be having a stroke . . .

28 05 2010

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