Teresa’s Day Four: A Dem Fine Woman

17 04 2007

Two dem fine women, that is — the impossible-to-label Teresa Heinz Kerry as guest to an equally complex bundle of seeming contradictions as host, a homeschooling mom AND elementary schoolteacher both Christian and liberal, among other interesting descriptors — conversing about matters of ultimate concern that are themselves complex bundles of seeming contradictions.

I found today’s blog tour questions and answers both worldly AND family-oriented, both idealistic AND practical, about politics AND policy, thinking AND feeling.

Like eating peanuts or potato chips, I scarfed down what they served up, found it tasty and satisfying but wanted more anyway. So here’s a morsel to set your mouth watering too (and unlike most snacks, it’s organic and packed with key nutrients, no worries!) —

What have you found is the best way to bridge the political gap on the issue of the environment, in order to build consensus and cooperation among people with very different views?”

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Hillary and Sanjaya Poster Kids for Democracy

17 04 2007

So we were kidding around about online voting for the blog awards last week, when I used American Idol as a cautionary tale.

If Sanjaya can win votes, then winning the vote is not my idea of winning, was my point. I compared his shameless vote-getting success to Congress but I wouldn’t have dared compare it to any actual presidential candidate, especially the one linking herself to the Rutgers basketball team against the insults of Don Imus. Think of the slur quotient if I had said Hillary was as bad as Sanjaya!

It wouldn’t be polite.

But of course, if she wants to say it about HERSELF and our whole system. . .then I get to look prescient as well as polite!

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