Blog Tour Day Eight: The Guy-Eye View

21 04 2007


Richardbell’s blog Post Carbon Institute hosts THK’s blog tour stop today. Her interview isn’t up yet there, but you could pop in early. Plenty of science and the guy’s eye view make this a new find for me:

Roses, rings, and manure: the carbon neutral wedding
What can you do when even a few minutes of poking around brings you to “Cats that look like Hitler”?. . . thus I present Portovert, “The first and only magazine for eco-savvy brides and grooms.”

. . . The home page offers what could pass for the usual fare on any old bride’s magazine: a white-rose bouquet, a bride getting her veil adjusted, a honeymoon vacation give-away. The most intriguing element of the home page was a prominently featured section entitled, “Calculate your wedding emissions.” 

A quick click, however, takes you to a link for Native Energy, Bringing New Renewables to Market. The emissions in question are carbon, and Native Energy offers to make your wedding “carbon neutral.”

Using a handy calculator, you enter the number of people coming to your wedding, how far you think they’re driving or flying, how big the hall is, and poof, out pops the number of tons of carbon you need to offset. And for a fee based on the number of tons of CO2 your wedding will generate, NativeEnergy will provide those carbon offsets from a Native American windfarm or a methane project on a farm in Pennsylvania.

. . . As defenders of the market economy are fond of saying, the market works in mysterious ways, and this web site is one of those mysteries (but) . . . in the end no matter how ingenious we are, we will run out of potential offsetting activities.

So why not start reducing demand for oil right now? That’s what’s missing in the Portovert/NativeEnergy approach. On NativeEnergy’s home page, there is a prominent button for something called On the CoolDrive page, we find a picture of a cow mouthing this slogan: “You don’t need to stop driving to help fight global warming.” Offsetting is better than nothing, but I’d rather see our cities built so that we didn’t have to drive at all, regardless of how many windmills get built.

Snook’s stop on the tour is almost here, can’t wait for Apirl 26! 🙂



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21 04 2007

So it’s up now and it’s another inspiring post along the journey:

In a world that appears to be spinning out of control on so many different axes, where too many of us despair of large institutions and multi-national corporations ever changing course, the place to look for hope is in these stories of individual people who decided to take a stand.

22 04 2007

The Day Nine blog tour interview went up late today, including this note:

. . .there is now also a dedicated website, Women’s Health and the Environment, at which you can find many of the materials that were given to conference attendees and other tools and resources designed to enable both conference attendees and those of us who could not attend to take action in our own lives and to continue the conversation . . .

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