My High School Boyfriend and The First Earth Day

22 04 2007

Remember 1970?

I was in high school, younger then than Favorite Daughter is now. I earned honors even in science and math (because getting good grades is what I did, who I was) but my passions lay elsewhere — mostly with my steady boyfriend. I remember the first Earth Day only because of him.

His family were real environmentalists before I had a clue. They bundled stacks of newspapers for recycling. I wanted to BE a newspaper journalist but I’d never cared about the newsprint they were made of, just the stories in them. His folks drove little nondescript cars with stick shifts, that were no fun at all for a Saturday night date! Their shoes were ugly. Their idea of a whoop-it-up family weekend

together was cleaning out the hyacinths smothering Lake Alice. (There were alligators in Lake Alice and it would been more aptly named Swamp Alice . . .not my idea of a good time.)

But I was excited by him and his family was excited about Earth Day, so I tried to be too. Not knowing a thing about it and not really caring, except that they did.

In the end I think that’s the only way any of us learns anything on Earth worth knowing — from people we have a passion for, for whatever they have a passion for.

Let’s try to use this greatest power on Earth for good instead of evil! 🙂

p.s. Google has a cool Earth Day graphic today.



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