Blog Tour Day Ten: Awe and the Environment

23 04 2007

Power of today’s story in the tour’s interview blogging is “Awe and the Environment” with a healthy lesson about “Religion and the Environment” for good measure:

Lorraine at Culture Kitchen
My respect for nature is rooted in awe. It hurts my heart that those who claim that God gave them dominion over the earth do not understand that dominion is a synonym for stewardship: we are the earth’s guardian, not its master. If we do not offer to the earth the reverence it deserves, it will exact a terrible toll upon us. . .

Teresa Heinz Kerry
One problem we have today is the abundance of information and the ease of accessing it, via the Internet.

“This is a problem?” you might ask. But it *is* a problem, because much of the information is, unintentionally or otherwise, incorrect. Students may not have been taught how to determine the validity of the information they find on the web, so they may give equal weight to sources when one is clearly more authoritative than another. . .

Gimme A Head With Hair!

23 04 2007

The Mane of An Adult Lion opened last night at Snook Too as Favorite Daughter blogs again, not about yesterday’s matinee of The Full Monty in all its mundane male immodesty nor Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter breaking out his birthday suit in Equus, but more like the nude scene from “Hair” maybe, revealing more of herself TO herself with each new role she learns to play? Sometimes it’s what you take off, sometimes what you put on that is transformative — and sometimes that’s a distinction without a difference.