Religious Mythology from the Revealer

24 04 2007

Military Mythology
24 April 2007
Private Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman’s brother reject Pentagon mythmaking. The Veterans Administration accepts Wiccan mythology (and why that’s good news for First Amendment types, but not good enough)

Day Eleven Blog Tour and Snook’s Turn Is Thursday!

24 04 2007

A blog aptly named “We Love John Kerry” hosts Teresa Heinz Kerry today. I can’t wait for our turn here on the 26th.

Details and full schedule here.

I Don’t Know WHAT to Do With This…

24 04 2007

“Microsoft is having an event on energy technology with the far-rightwing fringe Discovery Institute. Wow. I am sure that no-one will have a problem with that and it won’t be a PR disaster for them. What’s next?” Read the rest of this entry »

FavD Has Obama’s Perfect Bumper Sticker!

24 04 2007

Especially for Nance, but you’re all welcome to peek.

Still laughing myself —