Government-Approved Worship of Witches and the Atom

25 04 2007

News that reads like the funny papers!
I wonder if Bill O’Reilly counts close to a million witches (whatever they call themselves) in his 90% of godly Americans, when he’s expounding on how religion proves our moral superiority to the rest of the world?

Hey, did you atheists out there (call yourselves what you like in private, but that is your government designation) know that you too have an officially approved government symbol?? A team mascot if not a “real” god to worship? Because of course you are religious too . . .

Witching Hour In America

Praise the Goddess and pass the magical candle — the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs has finally recognized the Wicca religion.

You’ve heard of the Wiccans, right? They’re the group perhaps 700,000 strong in this country who sometimes call themselves witches — but sometimes don’t. They believe in the power of the seasons, the Goddess of the earth, and the United States of America, which some of them even died for. Until Monday, however, none of these vets were allowed to be officially buried under the Wiccan symbol, the pentacle — a five-pointed star inside a circle.

After a 10-year fight, the VA finally relented, agreeing to add the pentacle to its list of 38 other approved religious symbols, including an atom for atheists.

Despite such blind faith in the secular power of government and its official list to define approved religions so as not to entangle itself WITH religion, our government hasn’t cleared things up for me. Read the rest of this entry »