Funny How Tragic School Can Be, Especially for Gifted Boys

30 04 2007

From unschooled Favorite Daughter’s “O Calvin My Calvin” today :

Through a series of murky circumstances that I characterize as the tragic misunderstanding typical of our school system and which he prefers not to talk about, he wound up in remedial classes. . .

I won’t detail the horrors endured there, but the high point of his reaction to it was being sent home with a referral reading “caused a major student uprising”. . .

He said, and I quote: “The Declaration of Independence was not written on a cocktail napkin!”

The rest of the class broke into song –
As the song reached a crescendo – “Teacher, leave them kids alone!” – the principal walked in.

“What is it now? he asked.

“I’m fighting tyranny!” Calvin proclaimed. . .