One Mom’s Story: Christian, Homeschool, Thinking, Free

2 05 2007

This excerpt is posted with great respect for all the women I’ve learned to believe might see their own stories in it, moms and grandmoms like Dawn, Gem, Kay, Shelley, Shelly, Sue, Meredith and the dear, devout yet irrepressible Betty Malone. 🙂

Egalitarianism and Homeschooling-

One Member’s Personal Story by Karen Till

. . .The homeschool community is a culture, religion—to some a cult—in itself. I loved many aspects but certain things were hard to understand. For example, many people thought women should dress very modestly and with head coverings. Definitely the more “earthy” you were the better: grind your own grain, natural foods, bake your own bread.

Many also believed that couples should let God plan their family – and I mean no interference on your part—because it showed you had more faith. Moms should stay at home while dads provided for the family. All of these were what proved you were a godly woman. Of course, you needed to do this all with great delight and in an organized fashion.

I began to have difficulty with this culture as our children got older and their gender roles began to be more defined. . .I started to feel pressure about how my kids behaved and what they wore. We were not a family that believed that girls must wear dresses, but many of our friends did.

Then the whole courtship idea started bouncing around. . . Courtship in many ways seemed like a patriarchal concept.

The pressure got more and more intense and I resisted. I began to question and see flaws in this thinking. . .

I still believe in homeschooling, although I do not fit in with most in the community. I have discontinued much of my contact with the other women because it is too difficult. . . Read the rest of this entry »

Teach Real Science To Avoid Kids’ Crisis of Faith

2 05 2007

Thanks to COD’s new “evolved homeschooler wiki” (which I’m not advanced enough to use yet, just to read) and the connection it offered me to Doctor Doc’s honest-to-god science sampling, I found this intriguing advice about being a Christian and a Thinking Parent (without spontaneous internal combustion) — I’m posting it now as a crash course for the “govern by prayer” crowd; homework due before the Total Eclipse of Reason at noon tomorrow!

What will happen once they leave the home only to discover the pack of misinformation they have been sold in the name of Jesus?
The next question in their minds is going to be, “I wonder what else I can’t trust about the Bible?”