Teach Real Science To Avoid Kids’ Crisis of Faith

2 05 2007

Thanks to COD’s new “evolved homeschooler wiki” (which I’m not advanced enough to use yet, just to read) and the connection it offered me to Doctor Doc’s honest-to-god science sampling, I found this intriguing advice about being a Christian and a Thinking Parent (without spontaneous internal combustion) — I’m posting it now as a crash course for the “govern by prayer” crowd; homework due before the Total Eclipse of Reason at noon tomorrow!

What will happen once they leave the home only to discover the pack of misinformation they have been sold in the name of Jesus?
The next question in their minds is going to be, “I wonder what else I can’t trust about the Bible?”




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2 05 2007

Growing up, I was taught at home and church that God created everything so evolution is a lie. It’s just not that simple!!! I do believe that God created everything. I believe that He could have done it in 6 days, but then again there is a lot of poetic language in the Bible, including statements that a day is as a thousand years to God and a thousand years is as a day. Leaves a lot of room there.

And don’t get me started on dinosaurs. Do you know that I was actually told “Well, maybe God created the fossils already in the earth.” I tucked that away, then as an adult really thought about it. If God is Truth, why would he trick us with fake fossils? I’m not sure really where dinosaurs fit in the whole scheme of creation but I’m certain God didn’t try to fake us out!

3 05 2007

Not to take off on a tangent but you made me think of something Favorite Daughter has been writing, about the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. She went crazy for this strip and took us all with her! 🙂

So we bought a few collections from the bookshop including the “Sunday Pages 1985-95” which on page 81, shows a strip about playing with mixed toys all at the same time and using your imagination as the story suits you — not necessarily how it’s “supposed” to be in conventional terms.

The creator-artist Bill Watterson writes below it: “This one was a little tricky, because the T Rex anatomy doesn’t fit easily into an airplane cockpit, and it required a little fudging.”

Isn’t that just priceless?? 🙂

3 05 2007

There’s another one COD and sam probably adore, about the “escalating lunacy” of playing sports in your own unique way . . .

3 05 2007

That must be a calvinball strip.

3 05 2007

You said “a” calvinball strip — does that mean there are more?? Goody!

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