Steve Gets Another One Right

3 05 2007

Steve Olson writes about school and America and . . . oh, just click over . . . it’s worth it.


Hey, I Coulda Baked a Cake!

3 05 2007

Or a “reasonable” facsimile thereof, at least.

So why didn’t anyone tell me it’s  the National Day of REASON today??

I had no idea . . .I just stumble around shocking myself, and we call this educated? 🙂


Who Taught the NASCAR Dads to Pray? They’re a Quart Low

3 05 2007

Whoever it was, they need some remedial power-of-prayer education — their National Day of Prayer car came in 26th out of 43 Sunday.

Maybe if they had actually run it on prayer oil instead of just doing the fancy paint-job for show? Hmmm, or maybe the car that won WAS running on prayer oil, or the President was busy with the war prayers and all, forgot to pray up America’s official victory preference for the car?

See “Spiritual Warfare: Oiling the Wheels of Government” to learn more about this ancient mystical secret alive and well in third-millennium America.

Now even public schoolteachers are using prayer oil smeared on desks to help kids pass standardized government tests (seems the tests are too tough for regular prayer, it needs the magic touch.) So maybe all government schoolteachers need prayer lessons, too, if we want America to “win” at education? — and a merciful god of education to whom they can pray effectively, a god who supports real American values like the freedom of the individual mind to THINK, because they apparently have been surrounded by student warriors ready to govern everything, from race to race cars, with prayer instead:

Prayer in Schools

Prayer is alive and well in Public schools throughout the country. Yes, legislation has placed some boundaries on prayer in schools. But no one law can hinder the silent prayers of teachers and the spoken prayers of students.

Teachers, here are some tips to legally integrate prayer into your daily lessons:

  • Arrive early before the students and pray for each student while sitting in their desks. This will give you a student’s perspective of your classroom.
  • If in the faculty room, bow your head and give grace for your lunch
  • Pray quietly for students as they walk past you in the hallway
  • Pray daily for three teachers that are in your hallway.


Also remember that students have more rights to pray in schools than teachers.

So pray that God raises up student leaders to become prayer warriors in your school.



We could just surrender now. Because even while we’re reeling from the new “prayer warfare” at school and the Capitol, in the courthouses and in foreign policy, even in my own bedroom and doctor’s office, wow, apparently THEY (the Christian prayer warriors) are not the aggressors against society but the cultural and political victims! I guess I just can’t think straight, maybe I do need them to just teach me how to think and what to see, lay out the J-E-S-U-S governing through action plan for me, and then I could just let go and let them run things, do as I’m told. What a relief that might be, in such a hostile and confusing world of high-stakes disinformation where rape is inevitable, to just lay back and enjoy it.

‘Hate Crimes’ Vote on National Prayer Day Angers Some Christians
May 03, 2007

( – Leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives have scheduled a vote on a “hate crimes” bill for Thursday, which is also the National Day of Prayer. One conservative group called this an example of “in your face” politics against Christians in America – a charge strongly denied by the Democrats.

“There will be no shortage of things to pray for on this National Day of Prayer as the Congress takes a dark first step toward criminalizing public statements of sincerely held religious beliefs,” Rev. Louis Sheldon, founder and chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, said in a news release.

“Homosexual extremists and their allies in the Congress have set out to rub the noses of religious citizens in their so-called hate crimes legislation, which repeals the rights of Christians to exercise their religion freely and in public,” Sheldon stated.

Sheldon’s comments refer to the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 (H.R. 1592), which would “provide federal assistance to states, local jurisdictions and Indian tribes to prosecute hate crimes” involving “actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.”

Conservative Christian activists worry that the measure would give individuals who engage in homosexual behavior (“sexual orientation”) or cross dressers (“gender identity”) preferential treatment over other citizens by elevating them to a specially protected class.

“This so-called hate crimes bill begins to lay the legal foundation and framework to investigate, prosecute and persecute pastors, business owners and anyone else whose actions are based upon – and reflect – the truths found in the Bible,” Sheldon said.

TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty called the measure – which was introduced on March 20 by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) – “deeply offensive to people of faith across America.”

“No-one can tell me that the ‘original intent’ of America’s founders was to have the free exercise of religion regulated by secularists and their cohorts in the liberal and homosexual movements,” Lafferty stated. Read the rest of this entry »