Can We All Agree “Capitol Ministries” Is Oxymoronic?

16 05 2007

To “Not June Cleaver” newly on Snook’s blogroll, and to all Thinking Parents:
Heads up if your personal “no place like home” is in Virginia or West Virginia, the Carolinas, or any of the other states methodically blurring the line between Church and State below —

State lawmaker cheering for the official National Prayer Car was just entertainment for the masses, apparently not what’s happening in the political pits every day. And Illinois and Texas (states whose online homeschoolers tout their legal separation from Church and State as a model for us all) are next — your civil liberties and private family sovereignty are on deck for this Church-State chopping block in the public square, and it won’t be the dreaded charter school marketers swinging the axe. Could it be Christ himself ?

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