You’re Doin’ Fine Oklahoma — and the land we belong to is grand

17 05 2007

“It is striking how much we’ve learned and yet
how little we’ve changed, as we continue to ask the same questions.”



Daryl blogged religious bigots among students and staff in an Oklahoma school, who reportedly ganged up to drive an atheist student from their midst — into homeschooling and into court — with unconstitutional, unchristian uncharity topped by some commandment breaking, to finish her off.

My first response was to say homeschooling isn’t an escape from religious bigotry (true enough) but Lynn set an example this week of deeper thinking beyond one’s first snarky growl, and I’m emulating her for the greater good. 🙂

So I remembered an opinion column I’d excerpted for NHEN’s religion in public schools forum. It fits here because:

1) it’s also from Oklahoma, and

2) also about publicly funded scholarship, and

3) it’s about not One Book but *all* the books worthy of reverence, books that record “the history of ideas, of man’s search for truth and meaning and God –or not” . . .and

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