When Choosing Your Child’s Public School Is Criminal

20 05 2007

It’s not even home education the parent wants the right to choose this time, but public schools!

And we’re talking a native apple-pie mom (minority at that) —

Even if illegal immigrants are dangerous criminals cheating us all, whose own babies and children legal Americans or not, are so unjustly sapping our public health and education benefits that their parents deserve to be fined or locked up, we don’t wish on them the punishment that “we the people” sought against Jeanine Echols, a full-fledged English-speaking American citizen and taxpayer. She sent her honor-roll kids to Georgia’s free public schools — just not the particular schools the local district was willing to let them choose, without demanding they pay “tuition”!

The mom preferred the schools close to Grandma’s house.

Does this family’s administratively illegal education choice make the mom a public menace, a dangerous felon subject to a maximum 80 years in prison on multiple fraud counts? I heard the prosecutor on CNN yesterday say that while we may think it harsh, “it’s a crime when you lie to the government” and so he had no choice. (I don’t hear that much about illegal immigrant parents, hmmm . . .)
See what the public-representing jury of her peers decided yesterday . . .