Are You Dog-Faced or Downright Hang-Dog for Memorial Day?

26 05 2007

Are you gung-ho Marine Corps dog-face for Memorial Day, or just hangdog, as in depressed and demoralized? Favorite Daughter has been thinking about this in her drought-parched Hammock of Death:

“Of (Puppy) Dogs and Marines” by Favorite Daughter

. . .He’s a Boston Terrier, a breed second only to the pug in its tenacious ugliness. He despises me even more than he despises the rest of the world; whenever we’re outside together, he runs to the edge of his yard and threatens me in every way he can. He once chased a garbage man up a brick mailbox. . .


Then after she posted her middle east war meditation, she remembered a very funny (because it’s so realistic!) Barbara Hamby poem, “St. Barbara of the Dog Bite” and she read it out loud to me, doing all the accents and voices in a chortle. You won’t be able to hear it as I did, too bad for you! — but it’s from Hamby’s 1995 Delirium collection if you can find a copy, and here’s a taste:

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