Creating a Giant Ball of Life-Sustaining Power of Story

28 05 2007

UPDATE – Visit and bookmark Pharyngula’s mother of all “creation science” posts, fully linked. A cheerful cock of the snook to COD — I was out in nature watching stuff die without water all week, and I’m still playing catch-up inside. COD says it could take you 40 days and 40 nights to get through this, which just puts me back fretting about the rain we need so badly here . . .)


“THE GREAT FIBROID MASS” still influencing families with its powerful creation story. Good news?

(Pun warning to literalists and those easily confused)

Daryl blogged the new creationist museum about the world being created as home to dinosaurs and humans in coexistent peace a mere 6,000 years ago, some say, and homeschoolers chimed in to help the story along. In the process I think we found its ancestor in American gospel. 🙂
Read about its “genesis” and how the myth is kept alive by the whole community here, using very mystic-political Discovery Institute-like language such as, “the sides are accumulating a material imbalance.” Apparently this community and perhaps life as they know it would end if their creation story (despite being rotten to its core, literally, and starting to stink in indisputable fact) cannot dominate us all, as THE story instead of just A story.


And wait, there’s more, NOW how much would you pay??

It is undisputed fact, apparently, that this creation story’s claim to American families traveling far and wide on “religious pilgrimages”, is threatened by “Darwin” just like creationist museums are. . . wow!
Better than either science or religion alone, this alternate story rolls up both, “entwining” them in the same kind of powerful fiction-truer-than-fact that our image-conscious commander in chief (no, during the last world war, not the current one) famously characterized as “restricted reality” . . .

President Roosevelt ordered documentarians to travel alongside the military with a limited supply of color film stock. Roosevelt, realizing the power of image, felt such footage would rally the American people behind the war effort. Later, he would come to learn of the power of restricting certain footage, creating a “restricted reality” to be shown to the public.




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28 05 2007

Don’t miss (Snook blogrolled) Doc’s highly educated take on “creation science”, in the evolved homeschooler wiki pages.

28 05 2007

Another taste of “restricted reality.”

. . .

Since last year, the military’s embedding rules require that journalists obtain a signed consent from a wounded soldier before the image can be published. Images that put a face on the dead, that make them identifiable, are simply prohibited.

If Joseph Heller were still around, he might appreciate the bureaucratic elegance of paragraph 11(a) of IAW Change 3, DoD Directive 5122.5:

“Names, video, identifiable written/oral descriptions or identifiable photographs of wounded service members will not be released without the service member’s prior written consent.”

Photographs and other images of casualties have always been a delicate matter and most media outlets have shown restraint, particularly with pictures of the dead. Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, the ground commander in Iraq whose own son was seriously wounded in action, is said by reporters to be particularly alert to the depictions of casualties.

Working reporters say the soldiers in the field are not overly concerned with media coverage — they have more serious matters in their gunsights. The journalists also suggest that the current regulations have allowed the military to take concerns for the privacy of soldiers and their families and leverage them into broader constraints on information.

Ashley Gilbertson, a veteran freelance photographer who has been to Iraq seven times and has worked for The New York Times, (along with Time and Newsweek among others), said the policy, as enforced, is coercive and unworkable.

“They are basically asking me to stand in front of a unit before I go out with them and say that in the event that they are wounded, I would like their consent,” he said. “We are already viewed by some as bloodsucking vultures, and making that kind of announcement would make you an immediate bad luck charm.”

“They are not letting us cover the reality of war,” he added. “I think this has got little to do with the families or the soldiers and everything to do with politics.”

Lt. Col. Josslyn L. Aberle, chief of media operations for the Multi-National Corps in Iraq, said that the regulations are a matter of common sense and decency, not message management.

. . .

28 08 2007
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