Who Is Old Lady Wheelwright, Really?

2 06 2007

Continuing on researching the scary-teacher edict versus unschooler discovery debate:


. . .Republican Gretchen Wheelwright, a retired school administrator who lives in south Minneapolis, says she voted for Bush in 2000 but not last fall, largely because of the war.

“I am not surprised that people are beginning to loose [sic] faith in the president, I am just surprised that it didn’t happen sooner,” says Wheelwright.

Wheelwright says she had concerns about the war from the onset, particularly the Bush administration’s go-it-alone approach. She says it be would foolish to set a date to pull out troops, but she’s convinced the war has backfired.

The alert reader will note this is the Gretchen Wheelwright who’s a retired school administrator in Minnesota last summer, not the retired school administrator Teacher Magazine reports as a professor at Troy University now. It would match age and education-wise with a Gretchen Gross Wheelwright listed as a ’56 grad and sustaining supporter of Pembroke College (now merged with Brown University.)

Which would, whew! — make her a couple of decades older than I am after all . . .

But then I couldn’t find ANY Gretchen Wheelwright with any connection to Troy U. and also couldn’t find her with the Troy U. faculty/staff email directory search function —

so I figured this fits her persona better than the info cited by the reporter, which apparently doesn’t check out. If my version’s not right either, okay but at least I’ve got SOMETHING online to back me up, unlike the reporter seems to have gotten . . . [gasp!] You don’t think she could’ve invented an important-sounding current title to make herself sound like she was still relevant to quote against unschooling, because that’s the only thing she thinks will give her beliefs authority, do you?? 😉

Finally, I hope the Old Lady Wheelwright in this new story (whoever she is) applies this same logic — about losing faith when stubborn dogma backfires and everyone can see it — to her views about schooling for the last 50 years!



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2 06 2007

As an aside, note how the one letter error between “loose” and “lose” reverses the meaning completely.
“People are beginning to loose faith in the president” . . .
How can anyone ever be bored with stuff like this to laugh at?

4 06 2007

It just occurred to me that if she’s wintered in Minnesota long enough to get this old (and the politics are not to her conservative tastes as Greg reports here) then maybe Red Hot Alabama WOULD make retirement sense to her? Maybe she just moved . . .

27 03 2008
Nathaniel Wheelwright

Dr. Wheelwright was a school administrator in California. She has her undergrad degree from Brown University (Pembroke was the women’s college of Brown back then), her MA from the University of Minnesota, and her PhD from the University of California. She was a teacher, an assistant principal, a principal, and finally an assistant superintendant in many school districts in California.

After retiring and moving back to Minnesota (her hometown), she was on the staff at Troy University in Alabama (then Troy State University). You see, Troy oversees all the master’s level education for military bases all over the world. Dr. Wheelwright taught graduate level classes at numerous military bases.

She has devoted 50 years to education and is still quite well-informed. I know all this because she is my mother.

28 03 2008

Hi Nathaniel. No offense intended from Dr. Ross to Dr. Wheelwright; we apparently just have a professional difference of opinion about unschooling (and politics.) A blogging anthropologist from her neck of the woods was unscrupulously insulting our children individually and generally, and throwing her in our faces, which is what first got that blog-gag running, maybe she’s heard of him? — Greg Laden.

4 12 2008
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