Harry Potter Wins Another Round in the Censorship Arena

4 06 2007

Remember that –ahem– bookburning lunatic Georgia mom? She just lost again (not that I think it will matter to her nor save the rest of us FROM her.)

Potter a problem for parents, not schools

Laura Mallory needs to start being a mother to her children, and stop expecting Gwinnett County school officials to do the job for her.

Mallory’s crusade to keep Harry Potter books off the shelves of school libraries was shot down this week by Superior Judge Ronnie Batchelor. The judge essentially upheld a decision by the Georgia Board of Education to support local school officials, who had refused to cave in to Mallory’s demands.

But Mallory is threatening to take her case to federal court because, she insists, the phenomenally popular fiction series aims to indoctrinate children in witchcraft. For that reason, she says, the best-selling books should be banned from schools.

Members of the public might be forgiven for wondering where Mallory got her own education.

ZING! 🙂 says JJ —

. . .Like many well-meaning but uninformed folks scattered across the country, Mallory seems to assume God is not now “welcome” in schools, though he apparently was at some time in the past (perhaps during those “good ol’ days” we hear so much about).

. . .It also seems pertinent to ask whether Mallory disapproves of books by J.R.R. Tolkien, which are replete with wizards and other mystical characters. The same question might be asked in regard to violent or fantasy-inspired video games, toy soldiers and guns, Wyle E. Coyote cartoons, and Lucky Charms cereal (“they’re magically delicious,” the leprechaun says). All these depict or promote wanton violence or “magic” that could be disturbing for some folks. Are any of these to be found in the Mallory home?

. . .Mallory ought to do what other parents have done, since time out of mind, when they wish to prevent their children from engaging in objectionable activities: Just say no. And if the kids ignore the parents and do it anyway, that’s a problem the parents – not the school district or the government – will have to deal with.

If this prissy Dame Quixote can’t manage to at least impersonate a Thinking Parent, and chooses to tilt at public spectacle windmills like Cindy Sheehan (except on dogma as a drug instead of whatever Sheehan needed to get through the day) then that’s not kids causing a problem for the parent — it’s the other way around!

As Professor Albus Dumbledore says in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” “It is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”



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4 06 2007

It’s getting obvious why she keeps losing, don’t you think?
Harry must’ve bewitched us all. 🙂

4 06 2007

Doesn’t all this sound suspiciously like magic spells? What’s the diff?

See “Spiritual Warfare: Oiling the Wheels of Government” to learn more about this ancient mystical secret alive and well in third-millennium America. Now even public schoolteachers are using prayer oil smeared on desks to help kids pass standardized government tests (seems the tests are too tough for regular prayer, it needs the magic touch.) So maybe all government schoolteachers need prayer [or magic!] lessons, too, if we want America to “win” at education?

5 06 2007

The devil’s work, no doubt. 🙂


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