Amazing Post From Liza at Culture Kitchen

5 06 2007

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. . .But I don’t live in a perfect world, nor in a perfect marriage. This
year my kids are in school. To me this is a total abdication of what I
believe a marriage should be but I am the feminist, the patriarchy at
home is not and so I live with the political inconsistencies of my
marital dysfunction. Yet, I also have to live with the choices of my children.
The little
one likes it. The oldest not so. I kind of suspected this but I wasn’t
prepared for the outright hatred of my first born.

In homeschooling –or as I called it here, unschooling– kids choose
the path to their learning experiences outside of a curricula,
school-centric framework. Everyday is a learning opportunity and every
moment of your life is not a part of homework but a pebble on the path
to one’s life’s work. So this next year I may find myself being a schooling/unschooling
mother; with one part of my heart inside the beast and the other half
without. We’ll see.

I actually already have an idea of what I am going to give my kids to
read. My 7 year-old and my 10 year old will be reading with me all
summer on the Teenage Liberation Handbook.
I haven’t thrown the towel yet.