We the Clockkeepers . . .Our Tyranny of Time

7 06 2007

About our time and money and how everyone wants a piece of who we are:

. . .I read a science fiction story about a man who became obsessed with his physical skeleton, his bones inside his body, and the more he thought about them and wondered if they were holding up, the more he became convinced they were dissolving right out from under him, and either he was singularly correct and the horror was real before he began to believe it, or the belief created the reality as he made it a self-fulfilling prophecy by focusing on it. It hardly mattered which, once he quite literally dissolved from the inside out.

THE OCTOBER COUNTRY’S inhabitants live, dream, work, die–and sometimes live again–discovering, often too late, the high price of citizenship. Here a glass jar can hold memories and nightmares; a woman’s newborn child can plot murder; and a man’s skeleton can war against him. . .

. . .It’s a old story now, I read it in school, but still you can see in this blurb that time and money thing screaming through, and I quote: “too late” is the “high price of citizenship.” Follow the time and money. Maybe our most critical loss of freedom to government is the TIME lost, the definition of ourselves as already too late, that is too high a price for citizenship, not the dammed money into which we’re taught from birth it translates.

Can our own social skeletons turn against us, have they done already, and now we’re just starting to notice? Is this the beginning or end of the story? Will the government make the doctors see us before it’s too late, or is “too late” already metastasized throughout our lives and systems, what ails us in the first place? Physician heal thyself.

If time is the skeletal dimension that supports all human experience of life, and we can feel it dissolving out from under us, then is it time to measure the rate of decline and and apportion blame and retribution even as we dissolve, or is the only accountability that counts STOPPING it somehow?!

Truth or Truthiness?

7 06 2007

Driving back from the library with DD earlier, I realized what sounded so familiar.

There’s a blog which I haven’t really followed but I guess it’s been updated and now, the blog owner says:

We’ll shoot for the truth and respect for individuals over there. It won’t jive with what your used to spouting.

OK, spelling and grammar are not her thing and she doesn’t like me (for good reason, we have not agreed on this for a while and I keep calling her on BS) but she has latched onto the non-issue of charterhomeschooling and continues to post about the “dangers” of it.

Aided by other supporters of the WSfH ridiculousness, she now has a blog under the flag of AHA, an arm of HEM, whatever, all the same players anyway.

None of this is even remotely interesting but the interesting part was her new, to me anyway, tone.

I realized she has adopted the same tone as those “crisis pregnancy centers” that want to “help” young girls who find themselves pregnant and are looking for information about their choices.

Instead of information, the type of “crisis pregnancy center” I am thinking of preaches a line of scripture, steers the young lady away from abortion and assures her that all will be right with the world if only she will have this baby.

You can read more about their tactics in this report: False and Misleading Health Information Provided by Federally Funded Pregnancy Resource Centers.

All done under the cover of sweet, loving, Christian kindness and a claim of providing helpful information.

This AHA blog has the same feel. Suddenly, someone counting magazine subscribers and ad revenue seems to have realized that sounding crazy may not be the best way to attract readers. Better to sound caring and helpful. Better not to alienate a large chunk of parents looking for the best way for their families to homeschool. (While still contending there is only one right way, of course. Allowing that there are these other options in the world, but you wouldn’t want to consider them and they are dangerous anyway. . .)

Instead of just providing “truth and respect for individuals,” which would be so much easier, the message is crafted ever-so-carefully to lead the new homeschooler in a very specific direction.

That’s the connection I made anyway. Everyone can read and decide for themselves. 🙂


School Breakfast Story Part Two – Get Out of My Kitchen

7 06 2007

From November comes a fresh, bracing cuppa to pass around among those of us now donning our protective armor, preparing to battle the forces from all reaches of the universe so sure they know best, what’s best for everybody —


A new “School is to Food” analogy reminds us that free refills aren’t much of a draw when the first cup is bitter and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Bleah, quick, where’s that sugary cereal??

“Public education is a set of goals and ideals, not a particular institution.”

In Centralized Cappucino we sip school power of story with a commercialized caffeine kick.

Coulson tells the story differently than I do as an unschooling parent and public school pro (perhaps because he wants to be the new Starbucks on the block and is looking for his own market advantage) but our school stories ARE connected:

Caffeine in any form should make our creaky old brains see more clearly that no matter where it’s served, how much it costs or whether it’s free, coffee like school:

a) isn’t good for kids, and

b) they detest it anyway (Trix are for kids, not coffee) and

c) it’s for adults, a crutch because we’re too tired and distracted to imagine life without it.

The main difference between our national addiction to caffeine and our national addiction to compulsory schooling, is

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Home Education Is a “Public Function” Monopoly, Who Knew?

7 06 2007

Conservative evangelical men and their modestly dressed and coiffed helpmeets mean to save us from Harry Potter, sex, divorce, and most choice and autonomy in a decadent culture, oh, and from virtual charters and hell of course.

Liberal, feminist, childless women call themselves our champions and defenders too, demand choice and equity in our name but define it as artificial institutional and governmental controls over actual women and our children (because we are homeschoolers, doncha know — if we weren’t, we could be at the controls with them, calling the shots for all the other women.)

Amanda Marcotte kicked off this summer’s definition games from the liberal extreme (Mean Girls Who Rule the School With a Phalanx of Gal Pals needn’t be over at Gena’s HSB beating babies with Bibles) and now a CA lawyer with a grant (childlesss herself, I’ll bet) picks up the infuriating (and poorly argued imo — but then what do I know, I’m oppressed and clutching the chains that bind me) theme in the grand tradition of Rob Reich and Michael Apple.

If public education is the best way to build liberal community and further democratic values (like personal liberty from government?) then why doesn’t society enjoy gender equity and autonomy by now, for all women and children? Compulsory schooling of “liberal” social values has had more than 50 years to make it so. How much more money and time must generations of taxpayers invest to finally get these fabulous benefits?

I once bought into public education as progressive and children as FTEs (when I was young and childless and vested in the public schools) but I’ve learned a lot since then. I never stopped thinking and exploring and analyzing, or being a feminist and raising my son and daughter to be, for that matter. But I see no willingness to even acknowledge that question among young feminism.

That’s disheartening for an old feminist like me — wouldn’t an intellectually curious, liberal and independent mind have noticed that and wondered by now, if just maybe public education might be liberal problem rather than liberal panacea? Or at least realize it’s likely both, with standardization and government compulsion being its least liberal construct if not its fatal flaw?

You’d think educated, socially valuable and politically empowered young feminism would be eagerly tackling these questions, in the name of sharing their social progress and liberty for all women and children, rather than tilting at homeschool mom windmills? You would be wrong. (Don’t ask me to explain this, I’m just unpaid domestic labor not even getting a welfare check from the government much less a corporate paycheck, what could I possibly know?)

COD and Daryl are on the case and Scott has been summoned. More later. Looks like this is gonna be another long, hot summer of skirmishes in the Involuntary Redefinition of Other Women Wars.