We the Clockkeepers . . .Our Tyranny of Time

7 06 2007

About our time and money and how everyone wants a piece of who we are:

. . .I read a science fiction story about a man who became obsessed with his physical skeleton, his bones inside his body, and the more he thought about them and wondered if they were holding up, the more he became convinced they were dissolving right out from under him, and either he was singularly correct and the horror was real before he began to believe it, or the belief created the reality as he made it a self-fulfilling prophecy by focusing on it. It hardly mattered which, once he quite literally dissolved from the inside out.

THE OCTOBER COUNTRY’S inhabitants live, dream, work, die–and sometimes live again–discovering, often too late, the high price of citizenship. Here a glass jar can hold memories and nightmares; a woman’s newborn child can plot murder; and a man’s skeleton can war against him. . .

. . .It’s a old story now, I read it in school, but still you can see in this blurb that time and money thing screaming through, and I quote: “too late” is the “high price of citizenship.” Follow the time and money. Maybe our most critical loss of freedom to government is the TIME lost, the definition of ourselves as already too late, that is too high a price for citizenship, not the dammed money into which we’re taught from birth it translates.

Can our own social skeletons turn against us, have they done already, and now we’re just starting to notice? Is this the beginning or end of the story? Will the government make the doctors see us before it’s too late, or is “too late” already metastasized throughout our lives and systems, what ails us in the first place? Physician heal thyself.

If time is the skeletal dimension that supports all human experience of life, and we can feel it dissolving out from under us, then is it time to measure the rate of decline and and apportion blame and retribution even as we dissolve, or is the only accountability that counts STOPPING it somehow?!




4 responses

8 06 2007
Rolfe Schmidt

Save your time. Let them keep their money, whoever they might be. Once you stop overvaluing money, others will lose most of their power over you.

9 06 2007
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