Full-Color Dinosaurs Next to Deuteronomy?

9 06 2007

Fresh power of story from the Revealer’s summer school reading and prayer list:

“Daniel in the Dino’s Den” — In light of the new $27 million Creation
Museum, John D. Spalding proposes adding dinosaurs to children’s illustrated Bibles.

WITH ART – don’t miss it! (scroll to the bottom for full impact)

Paleontologists, of course, insist that fossils show that dinosaurs and humans were separated by more than 60 million years. But Answers in Genesis co-founder Mark Looy isn’t swayed by such evidence.




5 responses

10 06 2007

Lynn is having some fun with this at BMTT:
Swingin’ in the Garden

11 06 2007

The art is creepy on that book cover. Everyone looks like they’ve just smoked a joint.

11 06 2007

Well – maybe that’s what the apple from the tree of knowledge was meant to represent? I remember a time or two in college when I ingested something and suddenly thought I understood all the world’s deepest mysteries! (Of course I was just breathing the air all around me, especially at Florida Field football games!)

11 06 2007

I might have seen a dinosaur, actually — now that I think back —

11 06 2007

No. Those must’ve been alligators, don’t you think?

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