Does the Church Play Tennis, Can Prayer Save School and

10 06 2007

. . .are you my mother? My sister, my daughter?

Or my competitor and erstwhile enemy . . .

Whatever irritation is building in my view of young feminism and its view of me as thorn in their gender equity side, it doesn’t taint my love and admiration for young feminists I know IRL. We are different yet seamlessly compatible within the larger whole, connected with very blurred boundaries between our lives and concerns, our thoughts and feelings and power of story.

Favorite Daughter you know. But here’s another young feminist I can’t wait to see take the world by the tail:
Does the Church Play Tennis?

This essay touched on everything in play for our summer games, I think. School, church, groupthink and pressure to conform to the congregation, mystic memes versus science, regimentation and standardization, fine print and literalism versus organic performance from love and passion, change and fear of change, ignorance. Women and girls thinking for themselves and expressing it as it has meaning in their own lives, never mind the conventional controls of society . . .

Education is the biggest fear of the church, or at least secular education. Why do you think there are so many Christian schools? Why do you think that small children are sent to Sunday School from the time they are old enough to be away from their parents? Because the Church believes that if they can get to these children at a young age, they can brainwash them into believing whatever they put in front of them. Unfortunately, this is true.

See how you’d comment, what connections you see. Here are mine:

I’ve done both, tennis and protestant church stuff.

In my lifetime the rackets for tennis got better and better, through research and science. The rules changed to accommodate the new possibilities.

The rackets for church have gotten much worse. I don’t play anymore.

Have you read about this new superstitious ritualism of smearing holy oil all over government courthouses and capitol hearing rooms? And in Florida last year we had schoolfolk secretly “anointing” all the little kids’ desks, the night before the Big Test.
Spiritual warfare they call it.
Any god that would fall for that deserves the decay and decline that must surely follow, as human understanding of reality recedes.

Keep up the good blogging!
Doctor J

Then I kept thinking about it and added:

. . .did you know tennis used to be played by monks using human flesh as their rackets??

Google racket history and you’ll see. I wrote about this once at Culture Kitchen . . . tennis power of story and how tennis and school/church treat individuals as interchangeable parts, to ill effect.


Monk or tennis player? Yes. 🙂




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10 06 2007

“Get ’em while they’re young” goes a long way toward explaining why institutional schooling seems like normal and good, and everything else is strange and bad, to so many people.


10 06 2007

Witness the universal preschool movement!
We few evolved home education families are quite the minority out here, calling a bullshit on both church and school (much less church school!) as liberal education fit for a free self-governing people . . .

10 06 2007

And how about this arrogant and expensive school-knows-best mandate on kids and taxpayers alike, not even about teaching the kids anything, just testing them and then engineering them to spec (well, they could argue it’s at least about tennis as future career maybe? )

TX – FitnessGram
Fitness guru Dr. Kenneth Cooper of Dallas teamed up with Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Lewisville, to author legislation that would require schools to monitor students’ health to prevent childhood obesity.
The plan could cost millions of dollars, but Cooper is so committed to the effort, he said he’ll help foot the bill.
“I believe in this so thoroughly,” said Cooper, who wants to eventually test every child in the United States.
“If we don’t do something in this state, we’re suffering a tremendous problem in the future.”
The wording in the bill that describes the required testing tool mirrors language on the Web site for Cooper’s FitnessGram, developed in 1982 to measure health and fitness levels of children. Since then, it has been used to test more than 8 million students nationwide.
It is used by California, New York City and Fort Worth schools, according to Todd Whitthorne, president and chief operating officer of Cooper Concepts, an arm of the Cooper Institute. Last year, 67,152 schools across the country used the FitnessGram, he said.
The membership of the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance includes about 4,500 physical education teachers, Executive Director Diana Everett said. Most of them use the FitnessGram, she said.
“It’s geared toward age-appropriateness,” she said. “It reflects a variety of criteria, instead of something that just does one thing.”
There are other fitness tests on the market, Everett said, but it’s important for the tests to be uniform statewide.
The FitnessGram would cost about $230 for each child when purchased from its distributor, Human Kinetics. The nonprofit Cooper Institute receives $30 from each sale.
But Cooper said he believes so strongly in the testing regimen that he is willing to put that money back into the program. He also said he will help raise the money to implement the program, which could cost between $5 million and $8 million.
There is no guarantee that the FitnessGram will be selected as the tool, said Dave Nelson, a spokesman for Nelson’s office. But Cooper has said the Cooper Institute will apply to be the vendor.
“It’s a passion of mine,” said Cooper, 76, calling from a hiking trip in England with his family. “If we don’t do something now, we’re going to regret it for the rest of our lives. Other people are doing these things that [the Cooper Institute] started, and my own state is doing nothing.”
Other states
Mississippi and Illinois have already passed laws requiring physical activity and measurements of students’ body mass index. Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan and others have legislation pending. . .
“School districts will determine what’s best based on the needs of their students.”

Like intercessionists with the Almighty claim to do, like the imperative of scientific authority in Milgram’s shock learning — “it is necessary that the experiment continue.” The outrageous things we’ll do to real kids and families in the name of their own objective good!

9 07 2007
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