Counting On Diplomas But Do Diplomas Really Count?

13 06 2007

Something you’ve been thinking about?

Then you’ll want to read these policy briefs and the collection of other special stuff up in EDUCATION WEEK’s “Diplomas Count 2007” during its open access period this month.

Here are a few that caught my eye; maybe we can pool our reading and get through them all, then discuss? 🙂

Life After High School
We should take the Education Gospel—a view that schooling focused on preparing students for the world of work can solve society’s problems—very seriously, writes W. Norton Grubb.

‘Soft Skills’ in Big Demand
Interest in teaching students habits of mind for success in life is on the rise.

What Kind of Math Matters?
Some experts say the push for higher-level coursework isn’t a good fit with the skills used in the workplace.