Doc’s Seventh Country Fair Is Open!

18 06 2007

A veritable carnival of diversity for the home education community, and never mind that carnival comes from eating meat, even vegetarians and vegans are welcome on the midway — see how broadminded we are??

Snook has a side show booth about educational environments and creating healthier “ecologies” for learning rather than continuing to pollute our kids’ hearts and minds with corporate waste particulates. Rolfe Schmidt’s thrilling roller coaster of a discussion about homeschooling as a radical act is there, too (surprise, Rolfe, you’ve hit the bigtop now!)

Oh, I mixed my carnival and circus metaphors, didn’t I? Well never mind, I blend and mix and match, no separate-but-equal artifice — here OR at the new Country Fair. Y’all come!



2 responses

18 06 2007
Rolfe Schmidt

Thanks for the plug, JJ!

18 06 2007

ROFL! (ha, just like your name, did you ever notice that, oh, you probably get it all the time and think it’s really stupid and tiresome — but I just saw it fresh, and it makes you sound like a very fun guy!)

Sorry there was some unpleasantness, honest, but your original post has thought fodder we haven’t even got to unpack yet, and I’d have to say that the least pleasant comments have been, um, the most educational? — at least to me.


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