Rolfe’s Homeschooling as Radical Act: More Words and Meaning

22 06 2007

Power of story that connects to “Keep Your Radicals Free”

“Are You a Rebel?”
. . .When I heard God’s call to leave my career and stay home to home school my children, I was a rebel. Everyone thought I was crazy to leave a promising position heading straight for tenure. But I was listening to the voice of my Father and the yearning He placed in my heart for my family and home.

I wasn’t a rebel when I chased after material wealth, the world’s accolades, and my five minutes of fame. Then I was just running with the pack. . .

Can a radical NOT take roots to the outward edge of circumscribed reality? Can it ever be “progressive” to further entrench that against which the rebel rebels, or is defending any status quo regressive by definition — maybe there’s some conceptual tipping point where a radical course (as search for goodness, truth, beauty) shifts based on distribution and becomes not radical, or are roots and radicals absolute, regardless of other folks’ movement in and out of the garden?

Does it matter what you intend and call yourself in its name, if it turns out your actions advance the opposite cause?
CS Lewis wrote about this for kids in the Narnia Chronicles:

. . .Calormenes who have done good in the name of Tash are rewarded after their death for having really honoured Aslan; likewise those Narnians who do evil in Aslan’s name are counted as having done that evil in the name of Tash.
This illustrates Lewis’s inclusivist belief that the idea being worshipped, and the honesty with which it is worshipped, is more important than the name by which it is referred to.




One response

22 06 2007
Rolfe Schmidt

maybe there’s some conceptual tipping point where a radical course (as search for goodness, truth, beauty) shifts based on distribution and becomes not radical

I guess when I think of the “heroic radical”, I think of someone who is trying to solve a problem in an entirely new way, planting their roots in new soil. But the goal is to have them planted, and to have the plant thrive. If it succeeds, then the radical idea is no longer radical and that is a good thing.

That sounds like I’m saying these radicals are trying to put themselves out of business, and maybe they are. But there are plenty of problems in the world that need to be solved, and I can see no end to a need for new ideas and approaches to life.

There is a cute theorem in computer science that says that we can never tell if we’ve found the best program to solve a problem. So how could we ever think we’ve found the best way to live? Life in a dynamic world is a tad more complex than most programming problems.

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