Really? Is this who we are?

23 06 2007

I just saw this headline —

Elizabeth Edwards scheduled to speak at Gay Pride event

Presidential race hopeful’s wife seen as breaking barrier

Elizabeth Edwards’ scheduled appearance Sunday at a major San Francisco Gay Pride event represents a first for a major presidential candidate or spouse — one that activists said reflects the growing clout of gay and lesbians as voters and their continued move into the political mainstream.

. . .


Having just responded to a poster on Sam’s list about the, to me, astounding assertion that she expects kids to make fun of homosexuals and homeschoolers, among others, I was set back on my heels. Maybe we are not as evolved as I had imagined. Maybe we are not ready for the 21st century. What the heck is wrong with us?

I was also asked recently by a dear friend who I might be voting for and who I found inspiring and why I seemed to be souring on Edwards. I told her it was just a general disgust with Congress at this point.

But now I am impressed with the Edwards campaign once again. I just don’t know about the rest of us. 😦




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23 06 2007

No, no, homosexuals are fine — but you can’t be impressed with them because they will be HOMESCHOOLING on the campaign trail, probably make conservative wackos of their kids just by entertaining the very idea, doncha know . . . wonder if they will ask the sock drawer for its scientific blessings?

23 06 2007

Oh, I had forgotten. The Edwards did say they would be hsing while traveling. But they are the other kind of wacko — the kind I like — bleeding heart liberal. 🙂


23 06 2007

I thought you had to be against ALL liberals if you were against one guy who claims to represent all liberal thought and education reform?

25 06 2007
26 06 2007

I think the Edwards are hiring tutors and bringing them on the campaign trail. As we all know, that doesn’t count as real homeschooling 🙂

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