Are You Doing a Good Job Homeschooling?

30 06 2007

Tammy blogged this here the other day:

. . . And the number one sign that you’re doing a good job homeschooling — You feel like you belong in the world, and there’s no end in sight to all the amazing things there are to discover out there.

All her signs are good but I zoomed in on this. I’m thinking it makes a better distinction between types of homeschooling than the various religious or political classifications we’ve used.

All the progressive, secular unschoolers I know fit this standard, AND so do a few conservative Christian school-at-homers I know. Its correlation with certain other variables is incidental if you can see and understand that THIS is what matters no matter where you find it.

In other words, anyone home-educating or not who fears the world and is closed to discovery is a person unlike me, and in an activist group they are someones I need to worry about, no matter what attributes I otherwise share with them — feminists, progressives, stay-at-home-moms, educators or middle-class neighbors, for example. My own family members too.

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