Inferior Design Science Trapped on “The Edge”

2 07 2007

Richard Dawkins rips Michael Behe’s new book, The Edge of Evolution, in the New York Times yesterday:

“Inferior Design”
I had expected to be as irritated by Michael Behe’s second book as by his first. I had not expected to feel sorry for him.
. . . Notwithstanding the inconvenient existence of dogs, cabbages and pouter pigeons, the entire corpus of mathematical genetics, from 1930 to today, is flat wrong. Michael Behe, the disowned biochemist of Lehigh University, is the only one who has done his sums right. You think?

. . . Behe, as is normal at the grotesquely ill-named Discovery Institute (a tax-free charity, would you believe?) where he is a senior fellow, has bypassed the peer-review procedure altogether, gone over the heads of the scientists he once aspired to number among his peers, and appealed directly to a public that — as he and his publisher know — is not qualified to rumble him.

Read Behe’s first chapter here if you’re better educated than the general public and can take him down.