Greg Laden Blog Full of Unscientific Crap That Keeps On Giving

4 07 2007

UPDATE July 15 – If the unarguably scientific (also Univ. of Minnesota-based) blog Pharyngula threw “cmf” and all his sockpuppets — in bed with “Greg Laden” in some form or another — in the Killfile Dungeon, that’s sure good enough for Snook. He — whoever he is — is guilty of the same charges here and then some, beyond a reasonable doubt:

cmf AKA skinfixxix, newKosfan, and austingrrl
Stupidity, morphing, sockpuppetry
Automatically Junked
Rambling nutcase and misogynist. Exhibited his incoherence and obnoxiousness on a thread, got disemvoweled, and then invented a few transparent pseudonyms to try and continue; “austingrrrl” even tried to claim that cmf had “sent” her to the thread. It’s funny how even all of his female friends sound like woman-hating schizophrenic dorks.


“I am aware of the fact that there are a small number of children who are home schooled in a quality setting. But it is very small. Most home schooling is religiously and politically motivated and poorly conducted.”

That was posted by the self-proclaimed science educator and Harvard-lettered “Greg Laden” himself.

And his primary sock puppet the misogynistic and poor spelling “cmf” — or is it the other way around, who knows? — is all over it, of course, with this nonsense:
“Hippylove: Wow. Thanks for sharing. I would love it if you weighed in on some of these other homeschool posts Greg has here, as the common thread is that abuse doesn’t happen in the homeschools. Keep up the posting.”

Hippylove is (natch) a registered user at the “free penis enlargement forums” — but not in any homeschool forums.
And another homeschool disser, “MichaelS” according to the unlinked comment signature, doesn’t show up anywhere as ever posting about homeschooling before, in the first 15 pages of my Google search for “michaelS homeschool” — but hey, who needs comments from real homeschoolers, right? That would only be important if we cared about the scientific method and objectivity as it relates to education policy in the real world.

So this unreasoned, fabricated and decidedly unscientific mound of crap is no surprise, given the many recent discrepancies and disappointments emanating from the “science education” blog of Greg Laden, ah well . . . now it is confirmed in black and white at least, that real science and open-minded inquiry is not the point over there. Was there ever better evidence that just because we call something science or education, it doesn’t make it so . . .

AS CMF himself (if there’s any such real person) posted rather illiterately back in March:

cmf Mar 13th, 2007 at 11:22 pm

It is amazing how they link kids with ill will or deviant intent…isn’t there some saying like” those who percieve something as obscene must firsl have seen it in themselves?”
Oh, yeah,,,I meant..” he who smelt it dealt it?”

Sporting Independence Even From Mom and Dad?

4 07 2007

In honor of both the Fourth and Wimbledon — combined with education of course — two blogposts from Tennis Planet:

“Players who owe it to their parents- BIGTIME”

“Why don’t the sons and daughters of sports legends become legends?”

Musical Theatre Our Core Curriculum Today As Always

4 07 2007

We’ll be watching “1776” on DVD today as we do each unschooling Fourth of July, lustily belting lyrics like, “Vote yes, vote for independency” and “Mr. Adams, you are driving us to homicide!”

Nothing’s ever solved in
Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy

But just as Tom here has written . . .
The eagle inside
Belongs to US!


Like Tomatoes, Homegrown Freedom Bursts With Flavor and Life-Sustaining Nutrients

4 07 2007

Education IS democratic engagement.

MisEducation’s annual salute to home-grown, authentic independence:

History lessons are about human values and Power of Story.

What about Thinking Parents who believe the biggest lesson of history is that standardized schoolish ways don’t work for teaching courage and character or even the overthrow of tyranny, that today’s school system is contradictory to the very values it’s meant to teach — that the leaders most worth learning about, were individuals who diverged from the path others would have chosen for them?

What if we believe well-educated citizens determined to remain free are inspired from within by a muse, a cause, a passion they’ve discovered within and defined for themselves — and that to be worth fighting for, any cause we choose had better be important enough to sustain our individual souls in the face of all odds and even tyranny?

What if freedom is a history lesson only those free to learn can possibly learn?

The Cultural Myths and Realities of Classroom Teaching and Learning” by Graham Nuthall :
” . . .I have slowly become aware of how much of what we do in schools and what we believe about teaching and learning is a matter of cultural routines and myths. . . [and] research on teaching and learning in classrooms is itself caught up in the same rituals and myths, and sustains rather than challenges these prevailing beliefs.”

Doc says it in thoroughly unschooled liberty here.

The Free to Choose Blues Bruise Cruise

4 07 2007

“It may seem bizarre, but it is no joke.”

Just daily life in Florida, where the culture, the environment and the news cycle really are different . . .