FSU-Bred Cartoonist Dies in Mississippi Car Crash

10 07 2007


Cartoonist Doug Marlette dies in car crash
Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Doug Marlette, who began his career at Florida State University, died this morning in a single-car crash in Mississippi.

The Salon piece he penned was “Them Damn Pictures.”

About his second novel “Magic Time”, Christopher Dickey wrote:

“He’s trying to put that dog on the scent of something big: his own vision of the South and Southerners, and, indeed, of America. Marlette wants to hunt out and attack the seminal issues – race, history, shame. The storytelling is involving and the plot wondrously complicated: a tall tale about terrible times that were, in memory, magical and magnificent.

. . .Ransom and his friends are forced to re-examine the way they were, and what they have become. In ‘Magic Time’ . . . Marlette has captured something essential about the spirit of our age.”

Parents are left with peculiar choices

10 07 2007

Dead serious and the very worst for girls and women, from the NYT:

Education is the fast track to modernity. And modernity is held with
suspicion. . . .Shootings, beheadings, burnings and bombings: these are
all tools of intimidation used by the Taliban and others to shut down
hundreds of Afghanistan’s public schools. To take aim at education is to
make war on the government.

Parents are left with peculiar choices. . .

Now That’s Accountability . . .

10 07 2007

Good works from good thinking over at Bore Me to Tears.
As Lynn reports, “For those interested, I’ve tried to organize some of what I found and post that information, arranged by topic, as separate entries.”

. . .But, her explanations sounded odd. No overt proslytizing, mind you, but too carefully worded. Hardly straightforward answers to straightforward questions. Anyway, long story short, they prompted me to google her name… which prompted me to put on a pot of coffee.

Now, normally I try to steer clear of singling out individuals for criticism; but the deception looks calculated and deliberate enough for me to make an exception this time.

And, I shouldn’t have to put on a pot of coffee to figure out who you really are and what you’re really up to.

Amen to that.