The Sacred Irrational Lessons of Sport (and School?)

14 07 2007

So elections and politics aren’t really rational, and by definition religion isn’t. And now spectator sports aren’t either? (School probably belongs in this group too, but that’s another post . . .)

Why are we quick to bring up separation of church and school as a key issue, while we seldom challenge the intimate if not incestuous marriage of church and sports?

“Both born-again Christians and athletes hold a simple, clear-cut vision of reality that divides the world into winners and losers.”

This is simple and factual but we don’t stop to think about it, do we? Certainly not in the throes of the 1) passion, 2) discipline, 3) spectacle and 4) ritual that sports and religion share so seamlessly — like war, Baker ties their interrelationship back to historical points when nationalism, flags and anthems made competition the life-and-death focus of every kind of community.


And behind all that competition, of course, was money via power (or power via money?) :

“Religion and sport especially are joined at the alter of commercial interest.” Read the rest of this entry »