The “Furious Energy of Liberty”

16 07 2007

We — Mom, Dad and kids — are at this very moment watching Simon Schama’s “The Power of Art” on PBS.

We don’t usually, but it’s in exquisite high-def and the kids are in rehearsal for the Scarlet Pimpernel musical this summer, and tonight’s episode is all about the art leading up to the “paranoid, revolutionary Paris” of the French Revolution.



“This is art designed to improve humanity, but it has the opposite effect because — it’s a lie.”

What’s Black and White and New All Over? Evolution as Politics, Culture, Education, Truth

16 07 2007

Here’s how the Google homeschool news blurb read:

This weekend filming started outside the Rhea County Courthouse of yet another movie version of the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925…. Bryan College secured the rights to the movie…

It will be called “Inherit the Truth” and will be shot in black and white.

Many residents who’ve been re-enacting the trial for 20 years will be the actors and extras in the movie… After filming is complete, the college plans to market the film to home school groups, law schools and libraries.

But wait a sec, hmmm.. Homeschool groups are the primary market? Maybe this “news” of a “college” remaking the “truth” isn’t the whole story then. Creationism called “truth” is too often the most profitable product pushed to that market. . . Read the rest of this entry »