Big Hair Plus Big Airs Need No Standard-sizing

24 07 2007

Apply “Hairspray” for a firm hold on your non-standard look:

“I actually enjoy being in the position I’m in, because being on the red carpet and not looking like the other four girls next to me kind of makes me feel good about myself. It almost gives me a little more confidence, my size and my stature….”


Unschooled Favorite Daughter says the same thing here:

I’ve survived spending almost every day with people who challenge my physical self-esteem.

Allow me to explain: I dance. . .

Supposedly simple and objective, inoffensive size standards can confound our best intentions — see “Large Dogs Welcome” and the reports of research correlating size, looks and success in all fields, not just entertainment :

There is a correlation, say the [University of Miami] researchers, between professional success and men’s height, professional success and women’s looks. . .

But these statistics need some psychological interpretation. It’s obvious that taller men are no more competent but are they not, as a general rule, more confident? And is that not also true of better-looking women?. . .beauty is not in the eye of the beholder as much as in the mind of, as it were, the beholden. Therefore, the research is valid but not in the way the researchers think.

Non-standard thinking presents similar challenges to non-standard looks. Are there Hairspray-like fixatives for intellectual confidence too? (The government-issue generics don’t do a THING for me!)