Spelling Out NCLB: No, Congressional Lizard Brains!

31 07 2007

“This is not an escape hatch.”
–Democratic chair of House Education Committee about changing No Child Left Behind

So. At least that’s clear. Public school is a trap, NCLB is its ruthless trigger, and what matters most to Congress is insuring there’s no escape.

Mr. Miller acknowledged the many complaints about the No Child Left Behind law from school districts nationwide, saying: “Throughout our schools and communities, the American people have a very strong sense that the No Child Left Behind Act is not fair. That it is not flexible. And that it is not funded.
And they are not wrong.”

The whole miserable drama of NCLB is about real-world money and influence, not academic learning and thinking. It’s business, not education — self-protection of irrational grownups, not self-determination for educationally empowered kids. Kids are growing up as bait in this ever-expanding economic trap, while grownups are kidding themselves. And another story today that really IS about learning and thinking may explain why:
It’s the “non-conscious self-protective instincts,” stupid!