Dear Mama and Baby Deer

9 08 2007

Did you see all those other drivers stop in wonder along with me, not a honk to be heard on this record-hot afternoon as traffic revved up for rush hour? Sorry you got spooked little one, and froze in the middle of the street for so long — but oh! you were beautiful.

Had you been shopping for back-to-school, downtown lobbying perhaps, or just out for a late lunch with your mama? How does your little family survive in this bustly capital city, with all our roads and buildings and human enterprise?

You — not the thermometer’s inhuman climb past the three-digit mark — were the high point of my day. And then some.

“Don’t Give Up the Fight. . .”

9 08 2007

“Don’t give up the fight. INTENSIFY the fight. That is my answer.

Spotted today at the end of a passion-filled political essay. Can you tell what question this answer is directed toward, from the above quote? It could be anything, right? Feminists, SAHMS and helpmeets fighting each other; spankers and not; education advocates from homeschool purists to school union bosses; racial, religious and nationalistic tribes — all use it to rally their troops and avoid seeking real answers in real progress, intensifying the fight instead of being willing to let go of one’s fight to try something, anything, different than what so clearly escalates the fighting even more. It made me think that this is ever the partisan’s answer, no matter what the question.

Never give up; intensify the fight.

Even when what the fight is fighting, is FIGHTING?? That is the Logic of Failure. (You’d be flunked for this circular silly-gism in a logic class: we must never give up the fight to give up the fight.)

We are squandering our environmental capital and undermining our social capital because we are trying to do things, or avoid doing things, that cannot be sustained for very much longer.

Surely the end is near then, if not of war, of reason . . .