Dear Mama and Baby Deer

9 08 2007

Did you see all those other drivers stop in wonder along with me, not a honk to be heard on this record-hot afternoon as traffic revved up for rush hour? Sorry you got spooked little one, and froze in the middle of the street for so long — but oh! you were beautiful.

Had you been shopping for back-to-school, downtown lobbying perhaps, or just out for a late lunch with your mama? How does your little family survive in this bustly capital city, with all our roads and buildings and human enterprise?

You — not the thermometer’s inhuman climb past the three-digit mark — were the high point of my day. And then some.



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10 08 2007
Not June Cleaver

I just posted a picture for you on my blog.

10 08 2007

Thanks! Go see, y’all, it’s a great shot.

I wonder if the heat and/or dry conditions means wildlife is coming out more, maybe looking for relief? Is this happening other places in broad daylight too, or just a random coincidence?

10 08 2007
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22 08 2007
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28 05 2010
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